Hemmings Consulting

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Hemmings Consulting
60 Atlantic Ave, Suite 200, Toronto ON
(647) 977 – 4181
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A boutique recruitment and business development agency located in the heart of Toronto’s Liberty Village Community. With a thorough understanding and an insider’s knowledge of the current trends directly affecting turnover and retention rate, and employment patterns, Hemmings Consulting is dedicated to the pursuit of building and fostering strong relationships. As the Principal Consultant, Alison Hemmings brings more than ten years of experience in executive leadership and developing and elevating organizations. Her strong business acumen combined with her innate understanding of what motivates people has enabled her to build cohesive teams that are dedicated to exceeding the organization’s overall business objectives.

Alison uses her ability to assess a company’s goals, creates a plan to meet those targets and assembles the right people to develop The Hemmings Consulting Six-Phase Recruitment Methodology. She has successfully implemented her Recruitment Methodology within Manufacturing, Retail, Sales and Operational environments. In addition to applying the Methodology on the front end of client’s hiring process, Alison’s clients consistently report the candidates she has placed with them show ongoing improvement

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