Mint Laser Clinic

Mint Laser Clinic

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  1. Extremely extremely horrible service. I got a Groupon for a service, but they denied the terms of the Groupon and took extra money from me. Then, they have bad service – all their technicians are poorly trained. I went for five sessions, got a different technician every time inspite of requesting that they give me the same one. Every technician just does what she feels like, there is no proper training or technique. Some of them are too fast, some apply too much pressure. Got my skin burnt twice, one of them has left a permanent mark. To top it all, they tried to trick me by saying I had already finished all my sessions, and ultimately didn’t give me the last session. Save yourself from this monstrous place.

  2. Charles Dubois // July 26, 2019 at 11:55 am // Reply

    Terrible, avoid at all costs not worth the price. Horrible customer service and just a scam for your money. My wife and I both got laser hair removal packages and all they tried to do was up-sell us every time and never covered the full area for treatment because you know they were doing it so you HAD to end up buying more. The girl didn’t even seem to know what she was doing.They never return calls or emails. How does this place stay open?

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