Oh Joy! It’s Honda Indy Time!

 Well folks, it’s that time of year again. As if traffic hasn’t been bad enough in Liberty Village with the current condo and rail construction it is Indy time!!

This weekend, the Honda Indy (formerly known as the Molson Indy) will be adding travel time and the constant buzz of racing cars accellerating like a pesky bee lodged in your ear. We’re pretty sure you have noticed the significant traffic increase/slowdown in recent days since Lakeshore Blvd, west of Exhibition Place,  has been closed to regular traffic. This is done to accommodate the 11 turn 2.824km street track.

As with any cultural or sporting event held in or near the Ex (think Caribana, the Ex or Indy),  participants and spectators will be looking for convenient places to park. This will mean a significant number of non-residents looking for our increasingly scarce parking spots.

The Honda Indy’s attendance numbers peaked in the early 2000’s with about 75,000 spectators. Lately, numbers seem to range between 15,000 – 25,000. That’s quite a significant drop in interest I would say. Add that to the environmental and logistical impact associated with this event specifically and car racing in general.

So the question must be asked: is this event really worth it?

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  1. Totally worth it. I live in Liberty Village and love the sounds and atmosphere that comes with the Indy.

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