Residents Welcome Kit Update

In February, many Liberty Village residents were surprised to find a canvass bag hanging from their door handles. Written on the black bag  in white lettering was “Liberty Village….Discover For Yourself”.  Once the bag was opened I discovered for  myself dozens of coupons, flyers and treats highlighting the various business found in the Liberty Village neighbourhood. The complimentary dinner for 2 at School was extremely popular. Our blog entry regarding this successful campaign can be found here.

The task of outfitting every door handle to all residents in the neighbourhood was no easy feat. There were many logistics to workout with the various condo boards and a total of 2000 bags were made; not nearly enough to accommodate every condo, townhouse and loft.

 Every condo board had to be contacted for permission. Full buildings were missed: Vibe (100 Western Battery Rd) did not receive the bags because the board of directors did not respond to the organizing Liberty Village Resident’s Association request to hang the bags.  The LVRA ran out of the bags before they even got to the Toy Factory Lofts.

The feedback was fantastic. Residents enjoyed discovering many of the shops and services in Liberty Village, many of which they weren’t even aware of.  Comments heard around Liberty Village: “I had no idea this business existed here!” 

Now for the good news: The Liberty Village Residents Association is planning to take action and implement a second wave of Welcome Kit distribution and hit the condos that were missed.  The goals are lofty but they include condos along Stafford St and condos along King West such as DNA 1 and DNA 2, Massey Square (1000 King St W), 954 King, 915 King and 1029 King. There are suggestions that distribution could extend up to the townhouse communities along Sudbury and Joe Shuster. The 2nd wave is tentatively scheduled for distribution in June.

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