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 Whenever I get a chance to do so, I will often check out local Liberty Village business websites to see what’s new and exciting amongst our business neighbours. There are some genuinely fantastic businesses in Liberty Village and I’m always keen to see what’s going on.

I recently found a great blog entry on Vibrant Lifestyle’s site regarding Superfoods. Superfoods are described as foods that are concentrated, nutrient-rich and have the ability to improve overall health. Superfoods meet and exceed all your protein, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids requirements.

Sounds pretty good to me. With my busy work schedule I often feel that I lack the time to eat nutritious foods during regularly scheduled mealtimes.  Superfoods could be a great way to ensure that I am getting everything my body needs.

So off to Vibrant Lifestyles I went!

I was quickly welcomed by Natalie, the owner, who proceeded to explain to me the various Superfoods. I was looking to fortify my morning smoothie so that, even if I ended up picking up some quick take-out lunch, I will have started my day with a nutrient-rich punch.

 I decided to go with Acai, Maca, Greens and Hemp Seed and will be picking up some Goji berries on my next visit. I invite you to visit the store and find out why these are the go-to Superfoods for my morning smoothie.

They have a great selection and always welcome you with friendly and expert advice.

To find Vibrant Lifestyles, check out our growing business directory here.


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