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By Michael Camber is a magazine-style website dedicated entirely to sharing information about the Liberty Village Neighbourhood.   We believe that open sharing of information will enable Liberty Village to become a better neighbourhood.  We want this site to be a resource for anyone who wants to quickly learn about what is happening and to be able to engage in things they find valuable.

We welcome people to participate in this forum by contributing local stories and events and topics of interest. We believe that sharing information helps to keep people engaged. The more knowledgeable and informed you are about Liberty Village, the better you will be able to make the right decisions regarding where to shop, where to spend your time and money.

Our objective is to provide you with a comprehensive look at the neighbourhood by covering topics like local retail, food and drink, recreation, development, condos and lofts for sale, culture and local history. Liberty Village is a dynamic and ever-changing neighbourhood and we want to explore it.

This site is an in-depth and up-to-date resource for all Liberty Village residents, retailers, businesses and organizations.  Our goal is for to be the main resource for our community and a go-to site if you have something to promote.  If you are a new business we invite you to add yourself to the business directory.  If you have an event or promotion or something you want the community to know about we want this to be the site that you come to get the word out.  If you are resident with something to share please let us know.

As an interactive resource, we want to help you learn, educate, participate and engage in the world around you. We challenge you to make things happen, to connect, to communicate, to share interests, to celebrate, to recommend, to create a sense of urgency, to define who you are and who we are, to be liked, to show your expertise, to be accountable, to give back, to make people laugh, to start a discussion, to argue, to brag, to support causes, to gossip, and to commiserate.   The list of reasons for us to share information as a community is never-ending and the benefits are huge! is brought to you by the Camber Group of REALTORS.  We are a dedicated team of local realtors focused on the Liberty Village neighbourhood and who have decided that it’s to our advantage to work with an educated clientele. is an information-sharing platform for the benefit of all.  The better we can be at informing you about this wonderful  downtown Toronto neighbourhood, the better you will be able to decide whether this neighbourhood is right for you.  The value that we bring as a real estate team  goes far beyond our knowledge of condos, lofts and townhouses in Liberty Village. Our value is in being able to interpret all the information about the neighbourhood for our clients.  We hope you appreciate our dedication to this objective and invite you to share with us.  Please contact us concerning any real estate or community matters you may wish to share!