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With condo values in Liberty Village higher than they’ve ever been in history and the demand for condo living on the increase, now is a great time to buy in. As demographics in the neighborhood have continued to change, there is demand for unique amenities in condo developments.

Every demographic is looking for something a little bit different. Millennials are in their early thirties at the latest, oftentimes single, and with limited savings. Then there are those in their thirties through fifty years of age, sometimes couples and other times families, and with healthy savings. Then, you have those fifty years of age and above who are looking to downsize and find a home that is in-tune with their lifestyle. Catering to each of these groups, these are the aspects of Liberty Village condos that buyers are finding to be most valuable.

Integrated Tech and Aesthetics

Highly popular among buyers with limited savings and younger people below 35 years of age, the incorporation of tech and a clean aesthetic design is sought by some. The more creative uses that a unit can find in its design, the more it is likely to entice buyers. When evaluating a condo for purchase, more Millennials value aesthetic above other qualities associated with a property.

Tech is very important. Aspects such as engineered flooring are attractive to many buyers and add to the aesthetic appeal of units. In addition, multiple outlets for charging, wireless compatibility, and smart wiring are all considered assets to the tech-minded buyer.

For a concise list of the most up-to-date condos for sale in Liberty Village visit our page.

A Family-sized list of Accommodations and Amenities

Young families, mature families, and/or those at a more mature age are seeking condos that boast a healthy size, heightened layout functionality, and that has storage and parking. These are the basics that many of these buyers are looking for. Liberty Village is lucky to have a few buildings that are able to provide units meeting this criteria.

A full-sized fridge and kitchen island also go a long way in establishing space to provide family-sized meals.

Somewhere to Entertain and Impress

Beyond comfort, buyers of all ages are seeing condos that they can show off to their friends. Think great design, high quality materials used in the build, and functionality within the unit itself. Outside of the unit, a hotel-style lobby, car-sharing programs, and well-equipped gyms are all considered at the top of the list of amenities requested. In addition, requests for common spaces such as communal gardens and some form of a social hub is being seen as equally important. Particularly with families, spaces where kids can go play with other kids or where families can meet up to socialize is considered an attraction by many.


Environmentally friendly design has also been shown to be an asset to most buyers. Components such as LED lighting, low-emitting paints, carpet and finishes, and water-efficient faucets, shower heads and toilets are increasingly popular. They are also something to brag about and show off when company does come over, adding to the ‘impress’ factor. Consumers are looking for any and every opportunity to save on utility costs as well as to improve comfort. These additions go a long way in accomplishing that.

Today’s Condo Marketplace in Liberty Village

Liberty Village has some of the most advanced and intelligently designed condos in Toronto’s west end. As has been stated numerous times in the press throughout the past year, condo apartments in high-rise, mid-rise, and stacked townhouse form account for the majority of new home sales across the GTA. The price growth in the condo marketplace, including in Liberty Village, has been very attractive to buyers seeking not only a strong investment but the amenities mentioned here. These 4 things buyers are looking for in Liberty Village condos is largely what has guided their development in the last decade and what will continue to shape new condo developments in the years to come.

Constant innovation is a huge part of the City of Toronto’s condo development plan. The opportunity to design and build unique features and amenities across Liberty Village is what has brought so many buyers to the neighborhood. Please let us know in the comments section what feature or amenity is most important to you when buying a condo unit!

If you would like to see what is currently available, have a look at our always up-to-date Liberty Village Condos for sale page.

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