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*Updated 11/15* We will be looking at sale prices in each of Liberty Village’s condos over the past 6 months to give you a better idea of what you will be spending to buy a condo in each building or what type of selling price you can expect as a seller.

We have read a few recent articles that associate a dollar-per-square-foot value to a whole building and have decided to break it down further to give a better sense of what prices are doing in any given building.

For those who don’t know, dollar psf values increase the smaller the unit and decrease as the unit gets larger in size. This is why it is not always helpful to tie one value to a whole building. Today we will be looking at Bliss Condos at 55 East Liberty St.

Bliss Condominium (55 East Liberty St) is a popular condo building in Liberty Village and the neighbourhood’s 5th condo tower. Completed by CanAlfa is 2011, Bliss offers many of the fantastic amenities that residents have come to expect in Liberty Village. For a detailed list of Bliss Condo Amenities click on the link.

Over the past 6 months, there have been 9 successful MLS sales at Bliss, ranging in price from $229,000 to $488,000. The year over year increase at 55 East Liberty is currently at 3% over the past year. Breaking it down further:

Studios: 1 sale at approx 400sqft sold for $229,000. It spent 46 days on the market.

1-Bedroom: 1-beds range in size from 558sqft – 635sqft. The 3 sales averaged ranged between $285,000 and 55-East-Liberty-Entrance$356,000. They spent and average of  27 days on the market.

1+ dens: Ranging in size from 628sqft to 853sqft, the last 2 1+1’s sold for $298,000 (sold by Michael Camber) and $385,000 (728sqft).

2-beds: 2 sales, one was 930sqft and the other was over 1,000sqft. The smaller 2-bed sold for $455,000 and the larger sold for $480,500. They averaged 24 days on the market.

It is important to remember that sales prices are always dependent on the condition of the unit, finishes and views. It also doesn’t hurt having the best marketing in Liberty Village when it comes time to sell. To find out what your Bliss Condo is worth click our What’s You Condo Worth link. Contact Michael Camber, Liberty Village’s #1 condo sales representative to discuss further: [email protected]

Care to see what is currently available for sale at Bliss Condos?

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