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Selling your condo can be a very big job with all that needs to be done beforehand. How to clean a condo before selling is a major part of that. There is a lot that can be mistakenly forgotten about when preparing a condo for selling. This is why we recommend to follow this key list to cover the basics of cleaning a condo prior to selling in order to ensure that your unit is ready to go for prospective buyers.

Dust, Polish, and Wash the Windows

There are several areas of a condo that you want to pay attention to. For example, places that may gather dust deserve a good dusting as well as any appliances and faucets which would require a good polish. The windows also warrant a pretty thorough cleaning. These are all quick, easy things to do but make the world of difference when presenting the unit to potential buyers, who will want to see these sorts of surfaces sparkly clear and clean.

Think of Smells

Smells can linger for a long time. Now the two areas of the home that produce the most smells are inevitably the washroom and the kitchen. The kitchen is particularly worth the attention as you don’t want a condo smelling like a fast food restaurant. Be sure to clean the surfaces here and ensure that any odours are laid to rest.

Repaint the Walls in a Neutral Color

When readying a condo for sale, you may want to consider repainting or at the very least washing the walls. It’s always surprising what dust, smells, air, and time can do to the colour of a wall. In addition to the fadedness, if any of your colors are not in neutral colors, it might be best to repaint those in a neutral color. A dramatic blue dining room, for example, can turn off many buyers. Strong, bright colours are not recommended. Stick to neutral tones like tans and whites to allow buyers the opportunity to see a ‘fresh canvas’. If they want the wall a given colour, they will paint it that way post-purchase.

Keep Décor Simple and Reduce Clutter

When you feature your unit, make sure everything from the shoes to the kitchen countertop appears organized. Keep the décor as simple as possible as well, eliminating any art or deco that may turn off a buyer. Get rid of personal items such as photos or artwork. When advertising a unit as well, be sure to let in as much natural light as possible and add floor or table lamps to areas that are a bit dim. Putting in the extra effort to bring out the best in your unit can make the world of difference in allowing buyers to see themselves in the space.

Organize Closets

Storage space is a big selling point. This fits in the ‘organization’ category. Any items that don’t need to be there should be thrown out, sold or discarded.

Brush Up on any Building Amenities

Depending on the building you’re in, there may be several building amenities that benefit your unit directly. It’s always a benefit to brush up on what is offered at your building and to make a list for yourself of things to mention with prospective buyers, letting them know of the advantages of living in this condo unit.

Give Each Room a Purpose

You want to dress up your condo in the most attractive way possible, giving each room a purpose. It’s not uncommon for some condo owners to have a spare bedroom. A few simple décor additions could turn this into an office, a kids playroom, or a guest room. Depending on what you have at your disposal, giving a room like this a purpose can help explain its use to buyers. As well, emphasize the main living space as the social centre of the room, showing how easy it would be to have a small gathering here and to sit around and chat.

There are several things to be mindful of when cleaning your condo before selling. These 7 guidelines on how to clean your condo before selling are a starting point to setting you up for success, ensuring that your condo unit is sold fast and to buyers who are going to appreciate the space for what it is.

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