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If there’s ever a day to indulge and have fun, it’s on a Sunday.

After all, the workweeks are getting crazier than ever for most young professionals, and Saturdays are usually filled with errand-running – whether we like it or not.

Of course, there’ no shortage of Sunday Funday options in Liberty Village – from ice cream at The Perfect Scoop and a walk along the water, to that famous brunch at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, and drinks on some of our prime patio real estate.

One guaranteed no-fail Sunday Funday option, though, is Local Public Eatery. Here are eight reasons why.

The West Coast Vibe.

Sundays are all about that distinct Sunday vibe – and the west coast does that the best. The welcoming interior, complete with rustic décor and a Vancouver feel of Local sets that Sunday mood for you – no matter how hungover you are. The first restaurant in the Local chain (a sister to JOEY Restaurants) was actually in Vancouver

The El Caesar. Period.

Bloody Ceasars and Sundays are pretty much synonymous. Local offers hands down some of the best (but boozy) Bloody Caesars in the city. Practically a meal in itself, the El Caesars are complete with a secret Mexican hot sauce, and topped with a pepperoni stick. Like their other cocktails, they’re served in a boot (very Instagram-worthy).

The Prime People Watching.

Thanks to a central, wrap-around bar and spacious, open interior, it’s easy to get a view of most of the other 20-40-somethings in the place. From as hipster as Parkdale could breed, to the Bay Street set doing their best to let loose on a Sunday – you’ll find it all at Local, making for some quality people watching. And let’s not forget that the staff themselves is known for being exceptionally easy on the eyes (hey, it never hurts, right?).

The No-Fail Comfort Food.

If there’s any day to break that summer beach body diet, it’s on a Sunday. In fact, it’s a shame not to indulge a little on a Sunday. Local serves up an assortment of Sunday-worthy grub, which – aside from their always-reliable brunch fare – includes everything from poutine and fully loaded nachos, to fish tacos and fresh press burgers with buns that are made in-house.

The Patio.

A summer Sunday wouldn’t be complete without the option of a patio. Local has a large, open 90-set patio that’s made even better with a bocce ball court. In the confines of the brick-lined patio, you may feel more like you’re in New York than in the centre of Liberty Village (so you won’t feel as bad about not splurging on that annual summer NYC weekend this year).

The TVs.

If your idea of a Sunday Funday involves watching sports, Local is full of large TVs. So, there’s no excuse not to get off the couch and in front of your home TV – especially when you don’t have to walk to the fridge to get a beer.

The Crowd.
Though the crowd’s a bit of a mixed bag, Local has yet to become a breeding ground for the city’s d-bags (see: former Hydro One worker at the TFC game), with a crowd that’s pretty reliable when it comes to quality. The openness of the space, central bar, and selection of communal benches help to facilitate conversation among fellow Sunday Funday-ers. Meaning, a Sunday Funday could lead to new friends, potential business relationships (you never know), or a future relationship (or a summer fling). A shuffleboard helps to break the ice.

The Craft Beer and Beyond Basic Drink Offerings

If craft beer is your thing, it’s a specialty at Local. The restaurant has a constantly rotating selection of craft beer, meaning the taps are always fresh for that Sunday afternoon cold one. When it comes to the wine, they keep it exciting with the “Mystery Wine,” for $4.50, along with wine on tap. Did we mention that Jack and Jameson were on tap?

There you have it; 8 ingredients of the perfect Sunday Funday spot (reliable Sunday wingman not included).

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Michael Camber
Michael Camber is the #1 selling real estate salesperson in King West and Liberty Village. Since 2003 he has been helping his clients achieve all of their real estate objectives.

Michael Camber

Michael Camber is the #1 selling real estate salesperson in King West and Liberty Village. Since 2003 he has been helping his clients achieve all of their real estate objectives.

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