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Bespoke Craft Butchers is not just about outstanding ethically-raised meat. People from across Toronto are going to Bespoke for some of the city’s best prepared foods as well. The sandwiches and salads menu, which is regularly rotated, is a convenient meal to grab and go.

As it says in the name, this is a go-to butcher shop well worth its reputation. The vintage butcher vibe permeates through the atmosphere here. If you’ve never been here, give it a try. Throughout the past few years, the store has garnered strong reviews for not only its meat but also its cheese, produce, spices, and sauce. Bespoke Butcher only uses locally farmed meat and is involved in the whole of the food preparation process.

Among items that come highly recommended by fellow Liberty Village residents, the baby back ribs and ribeye steaks have both received high marks. Any of the cured meats are fantastic. Oftentimes, the butcher behind the counter would be happy to share information on where the meat has been sourced so if it’s something you’re concerned about, don’t hesitate to ask. The pricing is competitive with what’s available at the Metro as well so you know you’re getting a good deal.

photo courtesy of Bespoke Butchers Facebook page.

The meat is obviously the main thing here. If you’re a vegetarian, it might not be best to seek out a butcher obviously. That said, anything you get here is going to be quality plain and simple. Even when it comes to the sausages, you can put trust in knowing that it’s all meat, no filler. Every time, you’re getting pure pork, beef, lamb, chicken, and all the fat and spices that come with it. If you’re not a big sausage person, no doubt these sausages are worth a try.

When it comes to their sandwich selection, any panini from Bespoke Butchers is delicious. It’s also pretty sizeable for the price and the ingredients are always fresh. The turkey panini has become a local hit and other notable menu items include the spicy garlic broccoli salad.

Beyond all of this meat talk, the good thing about Bespoke Butchers is that their product is coming from local Ontario farmers where animals are raised humanly and responsibly. This is key. At no point during the preparation and product delivery process are there shortcuts being taken resulting in damaging consequences for the environment or the customer. Bespoke Butchers is among the growing collection of Liberty Village businesses who are making the world a better place.

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