Best Lunch Under $10

Liberty Village is home to lots of businesses and companies of various sizes. For many years, the lunch spots dotted around the west-side of the Village catered specifically to the daytime office types, making a quick lunch easy and affordable.

Things have changed little today. There are a load of lunch spots clamouring for the hurried lunch crowd. Here are some of our favourites:

 “Naomi Sandwich and Japanese Food” has been around for a few years now and is run by a friendly and accommodating couple. Although advertised as Japanese food, a lot of the menu is in fact Korean. Their Bi Bim Bap is truly a delicious, fresh and healthy lunch chock full of brown or white rice, egg, julienned vegetables and your choice of meat. Did I mention their hot sauce? It’s not the kind of hot sauce you think it is. It’s more of a mildly hot jam or chutney and it’s absolutely delicious.

They also claim to have the city’s best club sandwich and although good, I can’t comment on it’s “city’s best” title. I just haven’t eaten enough of them.

Another popular lunch spot that has been around for a few years is the Liberty Village Rotisserie and Grill. Now under new management, the Rotisserie has made it’s name for Portuguese-inspired roasted chicken and sides. I’m personally a fan of their pulled chicken sandwich topped with their famous piri-piri hot sauce.

The Liberty Market & Cafe is a popular lunchtime destination  for those looking for a wide variety of hot and cold soups, salads and sandwiches. The soup station is self-serve and the choices of homemade soups vary depending on the day. I particularly like their vegan soup options and Asian salad rolls.

 For a sushi lunch, we like the lunch special at Raaw Sushi. 10 out of their 12 lunch specials are $10 or under and their most expensive is $12. The bento boxes are our favourites and are well executed. There are some good veggi options as well. There are no shortage of sushi spots around Liberty Village but this one is generally just a cut-above the rest, for us.

For your Middle Eastern quick lunch fix there is no other than Liberty Shawarma. The handheld falafel pitas or chicken shawarmas are loaded with fresh toppings and their hot sauce packs quite a punch. Just watch the onions and garlic sauce if you have any afternoon meetings planned.

The Roastery may surprise its non-regulars as a good burrito destination. To make their lunch rush more efficient, The Roastery has a burrito station that always has a long line.  Other offerings include panini and salads, all of which will please.

This is a good start. As always, we welcome your suggestions or comments!

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