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You’re out and about in Liberty Village, catching some sunshine and enjoying the vibes. Suddenly, you feel that familiar tickle of hunger in your tummy. It’s time to find a patio to keep the good vibes coming and grab some food to settle the appetite. Liberty Village has a few different patio options that you can enjoy and fortunately, none are too far out of the way.

William’s Landing

Located in the epicenter of Liberty Village, the second floor patio at William’s Landing is a nice wraparound. Among the biggest patios in Liberty Village, William’s Landing is a great place to hang one’s hat when they’re looking for a place to eat. A focal point of the neighborhood, there’s plenty of variety to choose from beverage-wise and the restaurant is consistently among the highest rated in the community.

Brazen Head

A three-storey Irish-themed pub, one of the biggest in the neighborhood, has a patio on the first floor, two patios on the second, and a patio on the third. Choose what works for you. No matter where your seat ends up, you won’t be disappointed. Check out the second floor patio for a view of the financial district and the CN Tower out of way. If it’s a very busy day in Liberty Village though, Brazen Head’s patios are oftentimes the first to fill up so you might need to look elsewhere for food comfort.

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School Restaurant

The education-themed patio at School Restaurant is a fun place to hang out. If you happen to be catching lunch, it’s highly recommended to try the cinnamon pecan pancakes and the French toast rolled in Rice Krispy’s. Choose from two patios – a south facing patio and one on the east side. Check out the scenery in this part of Liberty Village and if you venture out back, you get to enjoy the privacy of the trees surrounding the establishment. For any breakfast or lunch connoisseurs, going to School in a warm day can be very relaxing.

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Mildred’s patio is a nice spot to grab some rays, some lunch, and enjoy the vibe of the neighborhood. The restaurant has a number of Insta-worthy options to choose from, including pancakes, scones, and other menu items.


Driving into Liberty Village, the patio that hits most is Local’s. With plenty of seating available, Local is a great place to gather after a long work day or when you’re on a weekend stroll. The most obvious option for anyone new to the neighborhood, Local continues to be a very popular spot among Liberty Village residents.

Other honourable mentions

In addition to these five patios, there are several other honourable mentions that are worth exploring on days where things might be a little busy or when you’re just looking to change up the routine.

Shoeless Joe’s is an easy spot to enjoy any games from the Toronto FC, Argos, Leafs, or Blue Jays. The food’s decent, the vibe is nice, and the outdoor patio screens help to create a very sports-friendly atmosphere that can however get a little rowdy at times.

The Aroma Espresso Bar provides a patio where you can grab a cup of coffee and take a quick look through a newspaper. When you’re out and about on your lunch hour, Aroma can be a wonderful place to sit down and take a short breather. The Starbucks patio is also a great option for anyone seeking caffeinated beverages.

There are other patios in the neighborhood as well as new ones that will no doubt pop up next summer season. Wherever you end up, always remember to be patient as patios can be awfully busy at different times. The space can be limited so be aware of the space you are taking up and try not to take u any more than you need. There’s often a seating capacity as well as some guests may be turned away when/if it reaches maximum capacity. These are all things to consider when searching out the right patio for you. There are some truly beautiful ones in Liberty Village so be sure to get out and try a few. As long as the days are warm, the neighborhood’s patios are among the best places to be.

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