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If you’re looking to get out into the community and find yourself a gym in Liberty Village, lucky for you – there are a number of options to choose from! There is a strong fitness culture in the neighborhood with many residents keeping in shape by attending their favourite gym. Depending on the type of physical activity you enjoy, your preference in local Liberty Village gyms may vary. No matter if it’s heavy weights, more traditional fitness classes, or something a little more unique to you, there are an array of gyms to choose from.

Goodlife Fitness Liberty Village
Photo courtesy of Goodlife Fitness

Goodlife Fitness – 85 Hanna Avenue

One of the most popular gyms in Canada and homegrown, Goodlife Fitness has generally good reviews in Toronto. The Liberty Village Goodlife location is among the larger locations and in terms of convenience, size, hours and equipment there is no better place. For a more varied workout whenever you want it, Goodlife is it. But be warned, this place gets VERY busy during peak hours and has been described as a “scene”. 

ActFit Studio – 25 Liberty Street

Specializing in personal training, ActFit Studio is where you go if you want the attention and a more personalized workout. If you have never been big into fitness before and don’t know where to start, ActFit Studio can be an excellent starting point, identifying what you want out of your workout sessions and taking care of a personalized plan for you. It is admittedly one of the more expensive gyms in Liberty Village but for those that can afford it, the attention you get is worth the price tag. Get a customized fitness routine tailored to what you want to accomplish.

Reebok Crossfit Liberty Village – 37 Mowat Avenue

Crossfit is a heck of a workout – something definitely worth a try. The definitive Liberty Village Crossfit location, the staff at Reebok Crossfit Liberty Village allow each member to do the workout at their own pace, ensuring that movements and weights are adaptable depending on age, fitness level, and personal preference. If you are new to Crossfit, this location is an excellent place to start. It’ll kick your butt and you’ll be feeling it the next day but you’ll thank yourself down the line.

Joe Rockheads Liberty Village
Photo courtesy of Joe Rockhead’s.

Joe Rockhead’s Indoor Rock Climbing – 29 Fraser Avenue

Many Liberty Village residents and people from surrounding communities have come out to Joe Rockhead’s Indoor Rock Climbing walls for a bit of fun. The largest indoor rock climbing facility in Toronto, this can be a nice change from the normal workout routine and give a shoulders-and-legs workout that you will be feeling for a few days after. If you think you can take it on, there is no other fitness studio in Liberty Village more fun than Joe Rockhead’s Indoor Rock Climbing.

F45 Liberty Village – 171 East Liberty St, Suite 124

F45 offers it’s members an innovative and intense fitness programme that literally leaves you “gasping for air”. With a variety of classes designed to shed body fat and increase muscle you will be privy to a fitness programme lots of celebrities are doing. Classes include ‘Firestorm’, a high intensity interval circuit with 27 stations and no getting off.  ‘Romans’ offers a 45-minute workout incorporating functional movement patterns with free weights. Build lean muscle mass and burn calories while you sleep. Science has proven that resistance based training can burn more calories than cardio if performed correctly.

Pure Yoga Liberty Village
Photo courtesy of Pure Yoga.

Pure Yoga Toronto Liberty Village – 47 Fraser Ave

The new kid on the Liberty Village yoga block, Pure Yoga is a already making waves for having a brand new studio space and the friendliest instructors around. The classes are generally of the “hot” variety where the room’s temperature is elevated so be prepared to sweat as you work through your poses. The are currently offering the free first-class if you are interested in trying Pure Yoga.

Studio Lagree – 788 King Street West (King West – honourable mention)

Studio Lagree is built around Sebastien Lagree’s self-developed workout machine known as the ‘Megaformer’. Originally gaining acclaim throughout West Hollywood, California, Studio Lagree is its Canadian expansion, incorporating traditional exercises and fitness philosophies into a more intense training regimen based around the Megaformer. This gym instructs via classes core strength training, flexibility, and stability in its rounds of forty minute classes. This is ideal for anyone seeking to challenge their bodies and/or to change up a stagnant fitness routine.

There are a number of options to choose from and which one is the better one ultimately depends on the person. There’s a little bit for everyone in the gym selection of Liberty Village, and if you’re looking for other options, there a range of yoga classes, more traditional, motivational workout classes, and an aikido studio. Once you’ve narrowed down your list to potential spots, don’t hesitate to take a visit, and speak to one of the staff to get a better grasp on what’s right for you and your fitness goals.

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