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 Alright foodies….time for another list for the ‘Best of Liberty Village’. Today’s topic: sushi. Liberty Village has no shortage of sushi restaurants and many of them serve an array of other Asian staples but today, we will focus on just sushi.

Are you a hardcore sushi fanatic? Like it for something different once in a while? Think it’s gross (this blog entry likely won’t appeal to you then so move along)? The following is a list of Liberty Village’s best sushi spots:

Sushi 930

Although not technically in Liberty Village as it is located near King West and Strachan but it’s close enough and worth the 2 block trip north. Sushi 930 is one of our local sushi favourites. Really only suitable for take-out, Sushi 930 offers a great selection of fresh fish handled by the skilled and experienced owner, Tomo. Tomo has had years of experience working in some of Toronto’s finest sushi establishments but decided to  open his own, small-scale take-out sushi counter in 2007. With a small but changing menu that focuses on the freshest available sushi, maki and sashimi, Sushi 930 offers a gourmet sushi experience at a reasonable price. We highly recommend Sushi 930. Tomo sources some of the freshest seafood in the city, usually only available in the city’s most expensive sushi restaurants.

Raaw Sushi

Located down the cobble-stone walkway in the Liberty Market building, Raaw Sushi offers sushi and other Japanese dishes with a modern flare. Specialties include small hot and cold plates, Maki and Temaki, soups and salads, sushi and sashimi, noodles and bento boxes and a whole lot more. We were particularly impressed with the spicy tuna a shrimp rolls and some of the fusion-y rolls that we haven’t experienced elsewhere. The ‘Fire Dragon’ was particularly interesting and is best tried in person and not read about here.

In Japan

 Located on Atlantic Ave leading into the heart of Liberty Village, In Japan is a reasonably-priced sushi joint that does a brisk lunch business to local Liberty Village office workers. In Japan is a pretty run-of-the-mill sushi resto, nothing of the Sushi Kaji or Hiro Sushi calibre but definitely worthy of a quick lunch. They offer much of the standard fare including hand rolls, maki, sushi, sushi pizza, teriyaki and bento boxes.

There used to be a great spot in Liberty Village that taught classes for making sushi at home but I believe they have moved those classes elsewhere. Great way to spend an afternoon but in the day and age of reasonably-priced sushi on every corner, is it really worth the effort?

Who makes your favourite sushi? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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