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Garden Gangsters LV

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A new addition to the growing network of Liberty Village businesses, Garden Gangsters have set up shop inside the Liberty Market Building at 171 East Liberty Street, unit 127A.

Specializing in healthy foods targeting breakfast, lunch/dinner, and beverages, this is Garden Gangsters second location. Some of their more requested items includes tasty smoothies and cold pressed juices, perfect for when you’re out on a walk through the neighborhood.

As Liberty Village’s health-conscious crowd has grown in recent years, Garden Gangsters is yet another brand that has moved into the neighborhood seeking to make an impression. Though their signage is already up, the location is not yet open and it is not clear, as of time of publication, when they hope to open.

Gangster Garden’s logo

Browsing their website, evidently, the brand prides itself on “redefining what it means to be gangster”. Taking pride in putting local first, caring about the planet, and investing thought into what is being put into one’s body are all at the centre of this brand. As the company continues to expand throughout the City of Toronto, it will be interesting to see how the residents of Liberty Village and Toronto’s west end react to Garden Gangsters.

Among the items that Garden Gangsters are expected to bring to Toronto, these include dairy-free shakes including almond butter and banana; a blueberry, banana, raspberry, and strawberry mix; peanut butter, banana, and chocolate almond milk; pecan and banana; pineapple and banana; pineapple and mango; a blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry mix; Greek yogurt and kale; Greek yogurt and banana; and almond butter and vanilla. There’s a mix of cold-pressed organics, nut milks, probiotics, waters, hydrators, and energy boosters as well to add to the company’s beverage lineup.

Be sure to give it a try!

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