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When it comes to receiving services from a healthcare professional, many people prefer recommendations from family and friends. This is because they only want to consult those who are trusted by the people they personally know.

However, what if you just moved to Liberty Village and the only people you know are your neighbours whom you exchanged Christmas cards with last December? You can either head to Google or read our recommendations below. The great news is Liberty Village has some of Toronto’s best Health & Wellness clinics, all within a short walk of one another. 


Nagging pain on your elbow?

Waking up at 4 am from the pain of sleeping on your side?

Feeling like urine is leaking when coughing out?

These are some issues  that could be addressed by  seeing a physiotherapist. If you want pain relief outside of  taking medication, why not visit Triangle Physiotherapy? Their physiotherapists are experts in managing muscle and bone problems as well as pelvic health issues.

If you are still uncomfortable with going in for an in-person consult, they are also offering virtual appointments. A physiotherapist will meet with you through  a secure conferencing platform to assess and diagnose your condition.

Triangle Physiotherapy, 980 King St W

Massage therapy

When your work becomes draining, you deserve to take  a break and relax. Of course, one of the things that we associate with relaxation is massage.

A massage studio by Nicki Iskander RMT offers a body-positive, trans-friendly space where women can escape from the city hustle. If chatting during a massage isn’t your preference, this place is perfect for you.

Her clients love coming back to her welcoming space to  get the professional healing touch they need. She is  fully booked until mid-March, which gives us a clue on how in-demand her services are. Like any other healthcare facilities, she follows strict COVID-19 sanitation protocols under the Ministry Health’s guidance.

Nicki Iskander, RMT, 209 Dunn Avenue

Chiropractic care

According to Body in Tune, chiropractic care serves as a tune-up for your body—one vertebra at a time.

Whether you are suffering from migraines, back, neck, or joint pains, you may want to consider visiting a chiropractor. At Body in Tune, you will  experience gentle hands-on adjustments that empower your body to fully heal itself. 

Body in Tune, 133-171 East Liberty St

Medical consultation

Sicknesses can arise at any time. In some cases, your family doctor may not be available because their clinic hours are over. To see a healthcare professional during evening hours, visit  Village Family Health Team.

Located in the Liberty Market Building, Village Family Health Team is a medical clinic that focuses on health promotion, chronic disease management, and disease prevention. They offer medical consultations with a family doctor or nurse practitioner from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

Village Family Health Team, 171 East Liberty St, Unit 102

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Are you facing pressure and having difficulty  finding a job after getting laid off?

Are you living your life and goals based on a single hierarchy and the belief that the lower you climb, the more unfulfilled your life will be?

Have you experienced feeling overly anxious upon waking up?

If you’re feeling low and nothing seems to uplift your mood, there is a place where you can receive support. KMA Therapy in Liberty Village offers counseling and psychotherapy services to help you achieve lasting adaptation in dealing with anxiety.

KMA Therapy’s full range of services  is available through both in-person and virtual sessions.

KMA Therapy, 60 Atlantic Ave

Naturopathic care

Are you looking for a complementary natural treatment for your health issues? Naturopathic medicine might  be the answer!

A naturopathic doctor can guide you toward a  lifestyle that will best support your healing. Liberty Village locals are lucky to have Dr. Tiffany Eberhard, ND on board. She is a registered naturopathic doctor with a passion for health promotion and education.

Dr. Eberhard believes that lifestyle changes can have an enormous impact on health. That is why lifestyle counselling is one of the services she offers.  It involves making recommendations to optimize your  physical, mental, and emotional health. You can book a virtual appointment with her on her website at Liberty Village ND.

Dr. Tiffany Eberhard, ND, 177 East Liberty St, Unit 133


When you’re in dire need of fixing acute issues because you can no longer bear the pain, you can rely on the Village Rehab Team for support.

One of the Village Rehab Team’s services is acupuncture, which is a treatment modality where tiny, sterile, disposable needles are inserted into your skin. It lets the body know that it needs to respond through inducing signals to start bodily processes, such as immune system stimulation and increasing circulation to the focused area.

This type of treatment is provided by Dr. Ali Kheradmand, a registered acupuncturist and chiropractor on the  Village Rehab Team. With his multidisciplinary knowledge, he has helped hundreds of patients through implementing gentle and calming acupuncture techniques.

Village Rehab Team, 102-171 East Liberty St

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