If You’re Single, You May Want to Hit the Liberty Village Metro on Thursday

Come this Thursday night, you could be leaving the grocery store with more than just groceries – and it could even be life changing.

That’s because from the Liberty Village Metro is asking local singles to put down their smart phones (for once), and pick up a shopping basket.

On Thursday night from 7 PM to 10 PM, Metro Ontario will host local singles as they mix, mingle and shop at the Liberty Village Metro location for Singles Night in Toronto. The event is hosted by romance and relationship columnist Jen Kirsch (AKA Canada’s Carrie Bradshaw) and is designed to bring together residents of Liberty Village for a light-hearted and fun evening.

The evening was inspired by Metro at Liberty Village’s recent designation as one of “Ten Unconventional Places” to meet local singles in Toronto this summer by SheDoesTheCity.com.

Woman checking out man in grocery store

The store will remain open to the public during the event, and interested singles will be invited to tie a red ribbon around their shopping cart or basket as they shop to indicate their single status. DJ LIKILEAKS – AKA Travis Richel – will set the mood with music while light refreshments are served.

When we’re at the grocery store, we’re usually on autopilot, going through the motions of finding our items, and paying for them so we can check it off the to do list. It’s the same way we are on dating apps like Tinder. We’re swiping endlessly without taking the time to stop and notice those around us,” says Jen Kirsch, author and dating expert.

What hasn’t changed is the importance of geography and physical proximity when it comes to meeting people. We are where we live, and in many ways the grocery store is the heart of a community. Why not come try something new and see who else is single in the area?” she adds.

This will be one in a series of several events hosted at or by Metro throughout the summer, as the grocer begins extensive renovation on the Liberty Village store, with a goal to reflect the vibrant and youthful character of the neighbourhood.

The renovation will be completed in the fall and – among other ‘fresh’ ideas – will add more space for local, organic produce, and prepared foods.

Who knows, if you play your cards right on Thursday, you could be browsing the isles with your new significant other by then.

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1 Comment on If You’re Single, You May Want to Hit the Liberty Village Metro on Thursday

  1. Michelle // May 9, 2016 at 5:26 pm // Reply

    I would never recommend anyone to go to this store. I was so disgusted last week when I went into go grocery shopping and there was a man who worked at the store screaming at a lady who was a customer there. It was so horrible and no one did anything to stop him! Clearly this man does not like women because the couple times I have been there he has been so rude and refuses to help me or my girlfriend who will no longer be shopping there.

    What a disgusting store for letting something like that go on. Poor lady, no one should be treated like that.

    I will never go back and I will tell everyone I know to never go back here.

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