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Dating in Liberty Village

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There are more young singles in Toronto than ever before, living and investing in downtown condos and oftentimes enjoying the roller-coaster of the vast dating pool. If you’ve resided in any of the thousands of downtown condo units in Toronto, maybe you’ve wondered what it would be like to actually date someone in your own building? I mean, it could happen right? Let’s take a look at why this could be one of the best things ever or a complete disaster.

Get to know Someone with Similar Interests

Whether you have bought or rented your condo, chances are you picked where you are living for a reason. So did the other people in your building. Was it the easy access to the F45 Gym or the lively pub across the street? If you meet someone in your building or in the immediate area, they could be informed by the same types of city experiences, values, and culture that you are. If you live in a sexy loft building it would appear you have a common interest right off the bat: sexy loft spaces.

Obviously, There’s a Huge Benefit to the Convenience

If you’re single in Toronto and looking for love, finding someone in your building gets you all the benefits of being in close proximity to your partner but without having those discussions of ‘should we move in together’? So not only are you getting to meet someone that you have at least a little bit in common with but you also are able to retain your own personal space and autonomy while dating someone nearby. The worst thing about this is that if things end badly, you may still bump into that person pretty regularly.

You Don’t Need to Rush Moving in Together

Real estate in Toronto continues to climb in value every year and one of the biggest mistakes that many people make is moving in with each other far too quickly in order to save money but yes, also to enjoy each other’s company. If you’re in the same building, the pressure is not there as it would be elsewhere.

This also allows you to take your time in getting to know the other person, having face-to-face conversations with them and not having to text, and you can weigh whether your partner is a person you actually want to spend time with in the long-term. Take your time and get to know them. Also, if they own the place, they’re probably gonna be there for awhile.

Get to Know their Lifestyle

If you’re dating someone in the same building as yourself, they don’t really have the opportunity to hide much of anything. You’ll get an opportunity to see how their real lives look and the kinds of things that they like to do with their day. There are some people who might be turned off by this kind of access to their lives and if you fit this bill then maybe dating in your building is not the way to go.

Get a New Apartment’s Worth of Space and Stuff

After you’ve built some rapport in a relationship with your partner, you’ll get access to another apartment’s worth of stuff and space. You might be able to get some storage space out of it and at the very least, be able to see some new cool stuff including what they have for a kitchen, tools, and maybe even split delivery charges for food and furniture if you want to take it there.

Why Dating a Person in your Building may be a Bad Idea

If you’re on the prowl for a one night stand or something a little more short-term, dating in your building might not be the best idea. It’ll just leave things awkward when you inevitably meet in the lobby and you don’t know what to say. If you are looking for something long-term and it comes time to end up, you need to do it respectfully while taking into account the other person’s needs in order to feel alright with the situation. There are many opportunities to completely mess this up and make things terrible but if you are rationale and mature a break-up doesn’t have to be a total disaster. You just never know – dating someone in your building might be the best decision you ever make.

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