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Technology and innovation live and are created within the Liberty Village neighbourhood. Many of which have achieved international claims to fame! Read on as we introduce you to some of them.


Move over video, as cinematography is making big waves. Flixel will help everyone succeed with this. Image courtesy of Flixel.

In the world of online content and wanting to stand out, Flixel is an app that will surely give a “WOW” factor. They are an app that turns videos and pictures into cinemagraphs. The beauty of this is that the user does not have to be a Photoshop Pro. In fact, no photoshop skills are required. Flixel has worked with major clients which include America’s Next Top Model and The Emmys. To learn more, visit them online, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Snap Travel

Take a load off of your next travel plans by using the easy to use app called Snap Travel. Photo taken by Meg Marshall.

Searching for hotel accommodations can be such a chore and eat up a lot of precious time. Snap Travel is an app that will help find great hotels rooms and at rates that match customers’ price points and requests. Users access Snap Travel via messaging services like Facebook, WhatsApp or by texting a specific number. A series of standard questions are asked and initial suggestions are created. If more customized requests are asked, then a live agent steps in. Snap Travel is able to obtain very competitive pricing, often better than To learn more, visit them online or on Facebook and Twitter.


A one of a kind camera that will take videos and photos to whole new level. Photo courtesy of Bubl.

It is a camera like no other. Bubl is a camera producing 360 degree photos without blind spots. As a full suite product, it allows users to capture video, view it, share it through web and mobile apps. Virtual reality agencies would greatly benefit from this technology. Neat features include HDR capabilities and the ability to create time lapse photos. To control the camera, commands can be given remotely through mobile applications. Specifications of the device include that it weighs 280 grams, has a 2 hour charge time, and had a 1.2mm focal length X 4. To learn more, visit them online, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The App Lab

Have a great idea but are not sure how to implement it? The folks at The App Lab can help! Photo courtesy of The App Lab.

Perhaps you have an idea for an app that could be revolutionary or provide others with the solution to a problem. Connect with The App Lab. They are a digital strategy and product development consultancy. Having worked with top tier clients like AON, Samsung, and Newsweek, they certainly have a lot of success under their belt. They state, “We are an innovation accelerator, launching products using the latest technology while transforming our knowledge and expertise making sure our customers can do it for themselves.” Visit them online, on Facebook or Twitter.

In a world embraced and advanced by technology, it is great to know that Liberty Village is a part of the innovation.

Meg Marshall

A city gal at heart but with a soft spot for the country. If not out shopping for the next coveted fashion piece or checking out one of Toronto's delicious eateries, Meg can be found riding her horses.


  1. Andrea Maria - January 30, 2018 Reply

    Great article. Thank you for sharing this useful information.

  2. John Lawson - December 2, 2020 Reply

    Correct. Technology has greatly revolutionised our lives.

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