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Everyone now has the power to capture still objects, landscapes, and portraits with a piece of  technology that we hold in our hands —smartphones. In fact, your phone might  be capable of delivering photos and videos with the same quality as the camera in your kit bag. 

Social media platforms allow us to view a range of places from anywhere around the world, and Instagram is one of these go-to apps.  In addition to pictures, Instagram has expanded over the years to enable access to longer video content and even live  streaming.

Liberty Village on Instagram

Any place can be geo-tagged on Instagram, and Liberty Village is no exception! Whether you are new to the area or planning to move, it is always  nice to check out the photos shared by locals and tourists. Here are our favourites:

King-Liberty Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge

Village locals have been waiting for this bridge to finally open. As of April 19, it is open to the public but only accessible via stairs. While we wait for them to complete its construction, let’s take a look at these photos:




The Bentway

Did you know that there is a public space located under the Gardiner from Strachan Avenue to Fort York Blvd? It’s called The Bentway. You can visit it any day and time of the week at no cost! Here are some cool shots taken in that area:




Dogs in Liberty Village

Liberty Village is a home to a variety of furbabies! If you take a walk, you are bound to find one around you. Pets are also one of the best photography subjects in town. From close-ups to panned photos at one side of the camera, they always look adorable!




Night Lights

Who doesn’t love photographs that capture the beauty of a location at nighttime? There are plenty of  amazing photographers on Instagram who accomplish this. Check out our current top 3:




Liberty Village Park

Yes, there is a park named after our community! Liberty Village Park features a giant sculpture called Perpetual Motion. You will also find a Toronto bike-share station and children’s play structure. If you haven’t been yet, here’s what it looks like:



Condominium Buildings

Serving as a combination of condominiums and townhouses, Garrison Point is one of the newest builds in the area. It’s located in a triangular space with two rail lines of GO Transit traveling north and south on its borders. Check out the incredible photography skills of these Instagram users capturing The Point’s towers:



Railroad Shots

Railroads are a subject of many photographers around the world, and you can find active tracks on Liberty Village! Before we show you our favourite still images, please be advised that taking  photos of railroads can be dangerous—especially when there is a commuter train involved. 



Garrison Crossing

Formally known as the Fort York pedestrian and cycle bridge, Garrison Crossing is a city infrastructure that boasts a high-quality industrial design. The bridge, installed with stainless steel cladding, connects the Liberty Village to Niagara and Fort York areas. Take a look at  how Instagram users demonstrate  their artistic impression through taking various photos of the bridge.




Liberty Village Toronto

Of course, the last section is dedicated to our very own Instagram handle— @libertyvillagetoronto. Check us out and be  sure to hit the follow button!

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