Liberty Village Gift Ideas for Those Who Truly Love LV!

Map of the Area. Photo credit to Etsy/Carto Creative.

Love Liberty Village? Us too! We’ve done some of the legwork for you and found some amazing gift ideas that truly show off love for our neighbourhood and community. Who knows, you may even like some of the ideas that you may end up buying it for yourself!  Hint – some of these are great options for that person on your list that has everything or is extremely hard to shop for.


Own a piece of neighbourhood history and show pride in where you are from or living. There are many talented artisans and creators that have made our neighbourhood footprint and turned it into prints and pieces of art.

Shoreline Workshops

Handmade Street Sign. Photo credit to Etsy/Shoreline Workshops.

This artist recreates neighbourhood street signs from wood and then paints on the details. The sign can be easily added into a gallery wall or added as a statement piece on its own. Our street signs have since been updated, but the bold red certainly stands out from the older ones that used to adorn the streets. Purchase the signs here.

Christopher Rouleau

Photos and Typography. Photo credit to Etsy/Christopher Rouleau

Typography is a great trend. Artist Christopher Rouleau takes historical photos from the Toronto Archives and breathes new life into them with modern and hand painted typography. It is a unique blend of “old meets new”. Available in black and white or in color in addition to customer requests. Order a piece here.

Carto Creative

Map of the Area. Photo credit to Etsy/Carto Creative.

Maps are always a great visual and it is always fun to show others favourite places to visit. Carto Creative has taken the map of Liberty Village and added a modern, minimalist touch to it. Shown here in black and white, there are over 70 color options to choose from to match your personal preferences. Take a look here.

Neighbourhood Beer:

Liberty Village Beer is available at some of our local pubs and nearby LCBOs. Photo Credit to Meg Marshall.

No matter the weather, time of year and occasion really, we can always enjoy a cold one! As showcased in other articles, it is pretty awesome that we have a beer named after our community. Liberty Village Beer offers three types which include the 504 Pale Ale (an American-style pale ale), Black Blessing (chocolate stout) and the Gosebuster (German style). Grab some cans at the LCBO here in Liberty or take a friend out for a drink where it is served on tap at The Craft Brasserie and Brazenhead.

Carry it Around:

These bowling style keychains are great by Smitten Kitten. Photo credit to Meg Marshall.

Local artisan and designer Amy Kwong of Smitten Kitten, based out of the design studio at I Have a Crush on You, makes some rad retro style key chains. Representing nearly 30 neighbourhoods in Toronto, she most certainly has created a Liberty Village key chain. Bright green, it is surely won’t be missed and hopefully will get people asking where you are from! This is a perfect add on to any gift and a great stocking stuffer.

Sport it on Your Head

A toque with our neighbourhood. Photo credit to Tuck Shop Co.

As the weather gets colder, we can never have enough toques. Tuck Shop Co has created their “City of Neighbourhoods” toque line showcasing over 50 different neighbourhoods and cities throughout Canada. With their retro inspired colors and font, it is a great casual yet functional piece to add to anyone’s wardrobe.

We hope this gift guide has provided some inspiration and hopefully evoked some more neighbourhood pride into everyone!

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