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The City of Toronto’s interest in the Healthy Pets app has grown exponentially. Based in Liberty Village, the Healthy Pets app is downloadable on almost any digital device and allows pet owners to connect with vets via video chat in real-time. Living in Liberty Village, you’ll quickly notice the amount of pet owners taking their dogs out for walks and mingling. It’s very much a part of the neighbourhood, bringing together many pet owners in the community. 

As the community’s population has risen, the demand for vet care has subsequently also increased. The difficulty is that the accessibility is not always there and when it isn’t, a service like Healthy Pets is a great way to tap into pet health care. As an online vet service, having used the app, we can say it’s very easy to navigate. Get all of your questions and concerns addressed from the comfort of your own home, without ever having to leave the couch. If you’re concerned about your pet being possibly sick, tapping into the Healthy Pets app is a great way to determine whether an in-person visit at your local veterinarian needs to be scheduled.

Those that already own dogs in Liberty Village know that bills can quickly add up when they get sick. It’s not uncommon for a pet owner to see costs rising to $1,000s when their furry friend falls ill. Cutting down on some of these costs was the basis for the Healthy Pets app. Tap into a network of local veterinarians on stand-by with affordable prices that have already brought in a lot of positive responses. As a pet owner in Liberty Village, if you are facing barriers in accessing pet health care, we recommend giving this app a download and checking it out yourself. And if you’re struggling with finding time, money, or getting to your local vet’s office during business hours, Healthy Pets can provide tons of reliable information and is much more inexpensive compared to scheduling an emergency clinic appointment.

Sign up to the Healthy Pets app for free. The app runs on a subscription basis or a user can pay for a one-time appointment. The monthly subscription fee currently stands at $10/monthly which includes four consultations per year. A single appointment to speak with a local veterinarian for 10-15 minutes is priced at a flat rate of $40 per visit. Needless to say, consulting with a vet in-person is more expensive than what you’ll find in the Healthy Pets app. For inexperienced or new pet owners in the community, this is a great way to find out if a pet’s behaviour is normal or if there is potentially something wrong.

The Healthy Pets app is one of the first in Canada, if not the first. It was only in April, 2017 that the College of Veterinarians approved video chatting as a means of providing veterinarian services. Then, later that month, the Healthy Pets app received a deal on CBC’s Dragons’ Den with Arlene Dickinson which no doubt brought it further publicity. Today, Healthy Pets is overseen by a small team in Liberty Village and has more than thirty vets on board. Healthy Pets has thus far been able to successfully advise pet owners at lower price points, reduce costs for veterinarian clinics in Toronto as a whole, increase accessibility to vet care, and addressed lingering issues with triage.

To download the Healthy Pets app, visit your digital device’s app store and check it out for yourself! Shaking up the way vet care is provided in Liberty Village, Healthy Pets continues to contribute to the neighborhood’s growing reputation of innovation.

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