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As area specialists in real estate we often get phone calls that start off with: “what’s your commission”? Having answered these calls for close to 20 years now I can safely say that realtor fees are awfully important to people considering a condo sale.

I get it. NOBODY wants to pay more for a service or product than they need to. We all work hard for our money and like to hold onto as much of it as we can. 

My answer to these questions often sound something like this…

Are you looking for the cheapest or the best? In most cases you can’t have both.

While that’s generally true for most services (think lawyers, accountants, financial advisors etc), that’s very true for realtors. Those of us who have a long, proven track record for success feel our fees are justified, and in our case, excellent value.

To quote the Joker from the Dark Night movie…

If you are good at something, never do it for free.

We are NOT the cheapest or lowest cost realtor option in Liberty Village. I am sure there are cheaper options than us. In fact, there are loads of do-it-yourself real estate options that give you access to MLS without paying a percentage to your listing service. If you Google them, you will find them.

The best full-service realtors, offer the best return (what you net after the sale is complete) and make the process easier for you. Less stress is worth something, amirite? 

If you would like to understand more about the condo selling process have a look at our Liberty Village Condo Seller’s Guide . If you what to meet Liberty Village’s #1 selling condo team, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for your time.

And remember, cheapest < best.


Michael Camber

Michael Camber is the #1 selling real estate salesperson in King West and Liberty Village. Since 2003 he has been helping his clients achieve all of their real estate objectives.