Meet Good Space, a Yoga Studio on the Edge of Liberty Village

If you’re looking for an amazing yoga studio in Liberty Village, we’ve got one that is a little on the edge of the community but is well worth the walk. Good Space is a premiere yoga space located between Parkdale and Liberty Village at 360 Dufferin St #106.

If you’ve never heard of Good Space, let us provide an introduction. Good Spaces provides a range of classes from the slower-paced to advanced classes. Depending on what your vibe is yoga-wise or if you’re a complete beginner, there is something for everyone. The space is filled with light, is extremely beautiful, and not even remotely intimidating to newbies. It’s a great place to practice yoga while meeting other locals in the neighbourhood. To top it off, the Good Space instructors are very welcoming to new members.

Throughout the space, you’ll notice handcrafted fixtures, pottery, unique textures, and art. If you’ve never practiced before, this is a great place to start. And if you’re a regular yoga aficionado, you’re sure to be impressed with some of the more intense classes. No need to bring a mat with you to Good Space as they provide everything needed, including Turkish towels that are offered at the front desk. Browsing the reviews online, Good Space has been the recipient of continual five-star ratings across the board. It’s no wonder as to why!

Monthly costs at Liberty Village’s Good Space ranges from $75 to $170. $75 will get you a light membership which includes up to 6 classes per month. $120 will get you unlimited classes per month. If you wish to pay by class, that’s also an option with a 10-class pack going for $170. Single classes are $22 which is absolutely worth it if you’re looking to give it a try and get a sense of what Good Space is all about. Even better, for only $40 as an introductory offer, any new member can receive up to three weeks of unlimited classes. That’s a steal of a deal, especially compared to other yoga studios in the area. Lastly, all students receive 10% off!

Do keep in mind that, in Liberty Village, there’s no shortage of fitness options with several yoga studios in the near vicinity. All in all, there’s a lot to look at in Good Space. Many would say Good Space certainly warrants inclusion among the top yoga spots in Toronto’s west end.

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