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Liberty Village has no shortage of cafes or coffee joints, and Louie Craft Coffee is no doubt one of its brightest stars in this category. Located at 1187 King Street West, Louie Craft Coffee was originally opened by sisters, in a sleek space where walk-in traffic is high. The exposed brick and lighting connect closely with the neighborhood’s industrial past and the coffee is an utter delight as well.

Louie’s Craft Coffee was originally a working name that just happened to stick. ‘Louie’ was actually a female canine friend who passed away in 2014, held in high regard by the owners. Paying tribute to the shop’s own furry friend and also a link to Liberty Village’s own dog and pet owners, Louie’s has long been a perfect addition to the local business community.

The best thing Louie’s Craft Coffee has got going for it is its beans. All of the coffee from Louie’s comes from the locally based, internationally award-winning brand, Social. The beans at Louie’s are procured from Brazilian, Mexican, and Burundi sources. Providing quality beans roasted locally in Toronto, Louie’s supports the socially conscious roaster who has worked extensively hard to establish a healthy supply chain. Since Louie’s inception in 2014, both companies have come together to create a personalized house blend for their espresso beans.

The quality of the coffee is second to none, unique to Louie’s Craft Coffee and worth trying for anyone who needs an extra kick during the day. For espresso making, a Strada La Marzocco machine is used, and to actually grind the beans, burr Mazzer and Simonelli grinders are key in getting that exclusive Louie taste. The staff at Louie’s have gotten strong reviews through online platforms and with high ratings across the board, this coffee place in Liberty Village is headed into its fifth year of operations not too long away.

Baked goods are also offered at Louie’s Craft Coffee, all pretty standard to the coffee shop experience but still, very tasty. The ready-made sandwiches, San Pellegrino sodas, and Greek yogurts among other menu items are all enough to bring together the coffee shop atmosphere. And though customers may come for the coffee, it never hurts to pick up something to quell pangs of hunger that may be making their way up.

There are some drawbacks, such as the lack of patio in the summertime, however the building and nearby surroundings are so beautiful that it never hurts to take a walk. It’s also quite spacious inside Louie’s Craft Coffee so grabbing a seat is usually never an issue.

This shop comes with a lot of personality and is a strong contributor to the vibes along the west end of King Street, and makes good use of its space. Be it for cold brew, espresso, or regular drip, the coffee here is worth the walk. During the summertime, use the back door to take a stroll through the urban gardens that occupy some space in the back of the alleyways and around the old factory buildings here.

Any list of coffee shops in Liberty Village needs to include Louie’s Craft Coffee as a top selection. Its’ regular patrons love this place, and the friendliness of the staff at Louie’s Craft Coffee and attention to detail paid to orders ranks it high for us. To Louie’s, we salute you!

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