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Bacchanal is a new French bistro that is fast becoming a favourite in “Liberty Village North”. Though it’s actually a short walk up to 60 Sudbury Street, the contemporary take on casual bistro fare is more than enough to warrant the excursion.

Bacchanal opened earlier in the fall however development has been ongoing for some time now. Today’s Bacchanal is a great place to take a date or to enjoy a chill evening with some friends. Traditional French dishes have been given new spins. Enjoy the uniquely re-designed space however note that it only seats 100. This restaurant fills up fast during busy hours so it makes sense to call ahead.

The sleek bar that accents the furthest wall is complete with sleek glass. The restaurant design is smart with a somewhat private dining space being seated next to where the pastry chefs are putting together their concoctions, a main dining area, and even a partly open view of the main kitchen.

The owners are well known in the Toronto restaurant scene, with Luke Donato (former chef at Campagnolo) and Lachlan Dennis (formerly of Le Select Bistro) being at the helm of Bacchanal. The menu is populated with takes on pate, steak frites, and baba au rhum. There’s also a number of more expensive items including a thirty-eight ounce cut of beef that has been aged for 60 days and served with a side for roughly $75. Let’s be clear. This isn’t a cheap place to eat for anyone. That said, there’s plenty of menu choices that are in the $15-$20 price range to satisfy giving this place a try.

Also if you are bringing in a large group, Bacchanal provides a carte-blanche (trust-the-chef) menu. The chefs will prepare a family-style size feast featuring dishes decided on by the group and for a fixed price. For a small gathering around the holidays or for a birthday, Bacchanal is an easy fix when the other restaurants in Liberty Village are booked up or when you are craving modern French cuisine.

The international wine list leans heavy on French but there are options here for everyone. The main focus has been finding ways to pair the wine with the food. Most of the wine is offered by the glass. Be sure to browse the French-inspired cocktails like the Guillotine.

There are also off-menu absinthe selections available. Just be sure to ask. ‘Bacchanal’ the word is defined as ‘wild and drunken revelry’ so absinthe is pretty much on par with what to expect from such a meaning.

There are many highly impressive, visually stunning menu and drink items here at Bacchanal. The Dali provides a floral, foamy drink that hinges on the reputation of the popular artist that the drink is named after. Le Bon Vivant is a smoother, stirred cocktail in the same price range, roughly $13-$14. Le Landemer is a French take on a tiki and has been named after a beachside hotel in Normandy. There are numerous other drinks to explore and consider so be sure to not hesitate.

Eat at the bar, pair some appetizers with drinks, or sit down for a full meal. Enjoy Bacchanal the way you want. There are plenty of hors d’oeuvres that can be fun to try for anyone unfamiliar with French cuisine. The way that the flavours have been mixed and matched, there isn’t anything like this anywhere near Liberty Village. No one does contemporary French cuisine in or around Liberty Village better than Bacchanal. And, if you have decided to stick around for a full meal, you can go super new wave experimental with your choices or stick with the classic steak frites!

Bacchanal provides a high class atmosphere, luxurious bistro fare, and ultimately an approachable atmosphere. Among the other restaurants that have set up in this building previously, none have been able to hang around primarily due to poor management.

When you walk into Bacchanal, you feel like you’re somewhere special and for anyone living around the corner, it can make for a great date night. Let’s say you’re setting up for your next Tinder date. If you want to make it special beyond the ‘Netflix and chill variety’, check out Bacchanal.

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