New TTC Streetcars Spotted on King West

streetcarLast Saturday when being outside in Liberty Village was sort of like standing in a snow globe, it was interesting to see that the TTC decided to take the new generation of TTC street cars out for a test drive.

See more about their recent weather-related woes here. Apparently, the new streetcars will use a different type of systems making them more reliable in the extreme cold weather.

The striking feature of these new streetcars is their apparent length.  Because each street car is constructed from five separate shorter sections vs only one long section in the current generation, these new streetcars have the visual appearance of a train running along King St W.  Here in these three photos taken last Saturday you can see them in front of the DNA2 condo building and Massey Harris Park.

New TTC Streetcar on King St in Front of DNA 2 condo New TTC Streetcar on King St W near Liberty Village New TTC Streetcar on King St W

The maximum capacity of each streetcar will be 251 instead of 132 in the current version.  This should contribute to easing the current crush of passengers and the long waits to board a streetcar during rush hours in the neighbourhood.   Are you looking forward to seeing these longer streetcars along King Street W in the next few years?


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3 Comments on New TTC Streetcars Spotted on King West

  1. Not if they suck as badly as the new subway trains!

  2. Would be greatly appreciated!! King streetcars are often packed to the point that even the stairs are full and you have to wait maybe several street cars like this just to get to work.

    If only they could build a path to king street from liberty village so we wouldn’t have to walk around in either direction 10 mins. ( or take the 63 bus 2-3 stops)

    • @Rogue – they are…building a bridge from western battery to duoro…won’t be done until end of 2015 though.

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