New Year’s Fitness Resolution: Ways for Liberty Village Locals to Keep The Motivation Going During the Pandemic

Did you start committing to a fitness resolution this month? It’s not a bad idea, especially if you want to lose some packed pounds from last year. 

They say you shouldn’t fuss about the quarantine weight gain – yes, it’s a thing! Because it’s not only you who gained weight during the pandemic. Several people struggled too!

With the recent mandated stay at home orders, achieving your fitness goals will differ from the previous years. Liberty Village’s fitness centers may be closed for some time, but there are still ways to help you lose those “pandemic pounds.”

Ways to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions Past January

Create a structured workout plan

Despite having your best intentions, there could be some days that you don’t feel like working out. “We tell our clients to establish a workout routine and create a structure so that their workouts aren’t determined solely on ‘how they feel’ that day,” shared Matt Webster, Head Trainer and Studio Manager in F45 Training Liberty Village.

He added, “When those days arrive, your structured workout plan can override that lack of motivation. Because you know you have rest days already scheduled into your week.”

Whether you are a beginner or with more experience working out, F45 Training Liberty Village can help you design a suitable functional full-body workout to achieve and maintain the results you aim for.

“We like to remind our members that you always feel better after the workout and once the warmup is underway, you’ll be mentally locked in,” Matt says. 

Matt and his team are offering a virtual training called F45Live. It is an online workout session of strength, cardio, and hybrid circuit that F45 is known for. “You will be guided by 2 of our top trainers. One acting as a visual coach who will demonstrate modifications and how to use different equipment; while the other is an audio coach narrating the workout, providing coaching cues, and motivating our members,” Matt explained.

F45 Training Liberty Village 171 East Liberty St. Suite 124 (in the Galleria of the Liberty Market Building) 

Listen to your body

When you’re working from home, you might think you have a lot of time for a new hobby or self-project. You want to make every moment productive. But do you know what? Putting all the pressure of work and non-work-related activities onto yourself can eventually lead to stress and, ultimately, unproductivity.

If stress affects your ability to accomplish your weekly fitness goals, maybe therapeutic yoga could help. Karma Lifestyle Yoga & Holistic Health Liberty Village offers a Private Therapeutic Yoga Session, an effective way of relieving stress and anxiety. 

Each private class is led by Francesca Bonta, a Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher who has studied and practiced in many countries. Francesca offers the Liberty Village community the chance to experience ‘Samhadi’ or the ‘bliss state’ amid the pandemic’s stressful days. 

Karma Lifestyle Yoga and Holistic Health Liberty Village 171 East Liberty St, #133 

Another local yoga studio, Downward Dog Yoga Centre, offers a range of virtual classes: Ashtanga Primary Series, Pilates, Vinyasa Flow, Functional Movement, Restorative Yoga, and Meditation. 

“We think wellness is more important now more than ever. Our community believes that our classes provide the structure in their day and a chance to move and feel better,” says Karen Parucha, Downward Dog Yoga Centre’s Certified Yoga Teacher. They provide 24-hour access to daily virtual class recordings if students can’t join the scheduled class. “What makes Downward Dog classes unique is the level of care and instruction, and the way we sequence our classes to provide the ultimate wellness benefits to our students,” Karen added.

Downward Dog Yoga Centre also provides online teacher training and workshops for anyone who wants to dive deeper into their personal development and learn more about their yoga practice.

Downward Dog Yoga Centre 30 Ossington Avenue, 2nd floor 

Start on the right foot

Are you into running? Or have you included running in your fitness program? Running is an inexpensive form of aerobic exercise that reduces your risk of disease and injury. But if performed improperly, you may end up with running-related injuries. 

Suppose you’re looking into improving your running. In that case, you must wear shoes that fit well and offer protection. Are you having difficulty finding the perfect shoe online? We have good news for you! Black Toe Running offers a Virtual Shoe Consultation  so you can get the right running shoes for your needs. 

Black Toe Running will explain why they chose a particular shoe for you based on your profile – history with running, previous injuries, and such. You can even provide an old shoe during your virtual consultation so they can confirm your size and assess your wear pattern.

BlackToe Running Six50 King – Bathurst Tower 95 Bathurst Street (at King) 

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