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As more residents and employers move into Liberty Village, stree-level parking is becoming harder to find. Liberty Village’s streets are already at traffic capacity and we will eventually see more of a pedestrian culture here. Statistics already suggest that 70% of Liberty Village residents are already using methods other than their cars to get to work (TTC, walking, bicycle etc).

Up until very recently, those of us looking to do some shopping at the retail shops in the Liberty Market Building were very unlikely to find anywhere to park in or around the building.

Well, that has now changed!

What was mostly tenant parking at the Liberty Market Building has now become visitor parking for shoppers. The tenants parking has been moved to an underground lot as part of the new Liberty Market Lofts.

Finally some good parking news!


Michael Camber

Michael Camber is the #1 selling real estate salesperson in King West and Liberty Village. Since 2003 he has been helping his clients achieve all of their real estate objectives.

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