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Looking to sell your condo but are unsure whether you need a realtor? If you’re asking yourself this question then you’re not alone. Throughout Toronto, every day dozens of condos are being built, marketed, and sold. Many of these have their sale overseen by a realtor. There are many reasons why. In terms of whether you should use a realtor when selling your condo, maybe you don’t – but think about the following.

The goal of selling your condo is to have it sold. As technology has begun to connect us with new ways of selling, people are becoming more trusting when dealing personally with those who are offering their condos. It is easier for do-it-yourself types to upload pictures of their home and explain the value it holds directly to the buyer; erasing some of the cost that would have to be paid to a realtor. The difficulty here though is that not everyone is a natural salesperson nor do they have the time to learn about the Toronto condo market. You obviously want your condo to be the best one on the market in that price bracket so it attracts buyers. If you are not naturally well spoken or comfortable talking to lots of people, then you run the risk of buyers showing little interest in your condo. It may be beneficial to have a realtor who specializes in condo sales, who does this every day and who knows the Toronto condo market inside and out.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a lot of time involved with the selling and buying of condos. If you work an insane amount of hours, would you want to come home and have to show your place? Most people simply don’t have the time.

There is a third point to be made in the negotiations. Buyers have just as much access to price listings and information as you do, so they know what other condos in the area have sold for. They are often ready to compare and contrast so that they can get a good deal. If you are not good at working with others to come to an agreement about price, then maybe you should rethink the do-it-yourself route. The anxiety of having to go through negotiations, for some, is enough to leave it to a certified Toronto condo realtor who oversees these sorts of deals on a near-daily basis.

Condo realtors can offer some relief to sellers. For people who do not have a lot of time to devote to research and price checking or to show the condo, realtors will do this for you. Paying the commission to the realtor is worth it when it helps relieve some of the stresses that come with selling a condo. Realtors also have access to some information that the general public will not. For example, a realtor will be able to work with the buyer and their bank to ensure that the buyer has the means necessary to afford it. The last thing a seller wants is to not be paid. Being a condo owner is not an easy task, and it is in your best interest to make sure that your condo can become someone’s new home and that it will be properly taken care of.

If you are not a natural salesperson, do not have a lot of extra time, find it difficult to keep up with the housing market, and do not find it easy to barter with prices then you should look into having a realtor sell your condo.

When you factor in how competitive the Toronto condo market is, partnering with a realtor can see your condo sold faster and potentially netting you a better price for it than what you would receive selling on your own. By selling your condo with a realtor, you also have someone there who regularly goes through the complicated process of buying new condos, and can share with you pitfalls to avoid. With a realtor, you will ensure that your property is being maximized and that your rights are being protected every step of the way. Don’t have the regret of going it alone – especially if you haven’t sold before. Get a licensed Toronto condo realtor for the most pleasing selling experience and don’t look back. 

Michael Camber is Liberty Village’s #1 Selling Real Estate Agent. Don’t just work with any real estate agent. Work with the area’s top-ranked Realtor.

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