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Liberty Market Building

Liberty Village is a neighborhood that boasts a strong collection of diverse restaurants, all with delicious menus and a unique cultural tapestry to work from. Some restaurants however have risen above others, becoming favourites among Liberty Village residents. Many of these restaurants are built from the refurbished factories and old, brick buildings that have been left behind from decades past. The top 5 restaurants in Liberty Village featured here are staples of the Liberty Village community, acclaimed for their menus, customer service, and for their contributions to the neighborhood that surrounds them.

Caffino Ristorante
Caffino Ristorante

#5 Caffino Ristorante
Coming in at number five on our list of the top 5 restaurants in Liberty Village is Caffino Ristorante, a restaurant built out of Toronto’s historical Carpet Factory at 1185 King Street W. With its iron gates still standing, this massive turn-of-the-century building has been refurbished as an elegant Italian restaurant. The menu features classic dishes such as the caprese salad, bruschetta and risotto, and an extensive list of pasta and pizza. The house wine, Caffino Ristorante’s chocolate truffle cake, and its arugula salad have all shown to be huge hits with Liberty Village residents. Caffino Ristorante looks like it could belong in the streets of Italy with its rustic décor, specialty foods, and unique seasonings – well worth inclusion on any Liberty Village restaurants list.

School Restaurant, Bakery and Café
School Restaurant, Bakery and Café

#4 School Restaurant, Bakery and Café
The wide range of dishes offered at School Restaurant, particularly during brunch hours, has garnered much applause from Liberty Village residents. Its comfort foods, Asian fusion salads, and traditional Tex Mex with a twist have built a strong brand name in for School Restaurant which is located at 70 Fraser Avenue. Other hits include the caramel banana Nutella crepe, the four cheese omelet soufflé, and the cheesy French toast. Though School Restaurant’s most popular time is brunch, it remains open until the late afternoon and is commonly a busy spot among those within walking distance. The school theme of the restaurant has proven to be a hit with guests, with its after-school series on TV, music with a distinctive 1980s or 1990s vibe, and décor that is a throwback to another time.

Mildred's Temple Kitchen
Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

#3 Mildred’s Temple Kitchen
Mildred’s is another restaurant in Liberty Village that has garnered rave reviews for its breakfast and brunch menu as well as for its vegetarian options. Originally inspired from the remnants of the Mildred Pierce restaurant that long stood before it, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen continues the brunch tradition with a menu full of classic dishes such as the blueberry buttermilk pancakes, crunchy granola with house-made toasted honey oats, and Veda’s Choice with the smoked salmon being a particularly popular choice. Located at 85 Hanna Avenue, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen has been a staple in Liberty Village for years, with many residents coming at least once a month to Mildred’s to enjoy their favourite dish.

Local Public Eatery
Local Public Eatery

#2 LOCAL Public Eatery
The LOCAL Public Eatery is found at 171 E Liberty Street serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Though the weekend can be quite busy at times, weekdays offer a comfortable atmosphere appealing to all ages with its brunch menu, fish tacos, the Local Burger, and the yam fries. The large patio with heaters offer a comfortable vibe. The multiple TV screens regularly have the Maple Leafs, Raptors, and Blue Jays games on. The LOCAL Public Eatery menu is diverse and there’s rarely a table wait. The service has been consistently rated as excellent and though the menu isn’t necessarily the cheapest, the quality of dishes served are second to none.

Maizal Quesadilla Café
Maizal Quesadilla Café

#1 Maizal
The #1 rated restaurant in the competitive space in Liberty Village is Maizal, a highly popular Mexican restaurant found at 133 Jefferson Avenue. Popular dishes from Maizal include the Tinga beef, the chicken pibil, and the corn. Maizal actually grows their own corn, as they do for several ingredients, preparing and processing their own dishes. One need only refer to the Yelp reviews for Maizal to see why it has garnered the amount of acclaim it has. We recommend arriving earlier in the evening as the dinner hour can get quite a rush going, on weekends in particular.

These 5 restaurants in Liberty Village have garnered consistently high customer service reviews and the dishes are some of the most well-made in the neighborhood. Well worth a bite!

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  1. Dr. J. - February 5, 2017 Reply

    Maizal: vastly overrated. Tiny portions; when it says dishes come with rice and beans, they mean you get rice, your partner gets beans. Wait staff is quite keen to get you out of there as quickly as possible. Upside of that, if there is one, is that you’ll never be upsold anything. Just waiting for them to close up and we’ll see everyone lamenting…

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