Things We Love About 51 East Liberty

Liberty Village has some of the best condos in the city of Toronto, no doubt about that, but 51 East Liberty – Liberty Central By The Lake has been taking my breath away lately and here’s why:


The building is the closest to Strachan, just 5 minutes away from King Street or a quick walk or bike ride down to the waterfront.  You can access the Gardiner in no time. Still located inside Liberty Village but so easy to get to any other part of the city, this makes the building so accessible.

51 East Liberty - CamberAmenities

It’s a brand new building but its almost time to take advantage of all the amenities this building has to offer including a gym, 24 hr. concierge, party room, games room and meeting room and a guest suite for those out of town friends or family members! Stretch it out in the yoga room or cool down and relax in the aqua massage area, you know you’ll find me here to cool off on those hot Summer days before you hit the BBQs on the terrace.

View51 East Liberty St view

The views from the massive balconies have some of the best views I’ve ever seen of our city skyline. Stretching from the water and Porter airport all the way to the north tip of the city, its breathtaking to see. No matter the season that view never gets old. With views like this, it’s hard not to want to entertain every night of the week!

51 East Liberty - CamberFriendly Neighbours

I’ve always found Liberty Village to be friendly, it’s a special community and people love it here. But the people at 51 East Liberty51 East Liberty always have a smile on their faces, happy to hold the door open or to have a quick chat with in the elevator. Neighbours are quickly becoming friends. Who wouldn’t want to feel this friendliness and warmth in their community? Another reason I love it here.

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  1. Hi Michael – this albeit a well intended post – it is very misleading – the view and the cover photo may be true to life but you are showing the pool for 55/57/59 East Liberty, the lobby of 55 East Liberty and I do not recall CanAlfa having a gym that looked like that. The Amenities should be set up and turned over by end of the month – might wan to take actual photos. If you need anything clarified please reach out – [email protected]

  2. The shots of the pool are at 55 not 51. The shot of the lobby is the 55 lobby. Wouldn’t it be prudent to post pictures of 51 for an article about 51?

    Very misleading but thanks for advertising 55 for us.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the photo errors in the post. I thought I recognized that lobby and pool! Errors have been corrected and no misrepresentation was intended. M

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