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We’ve all had ’em. You know…that neighbour from hell who blasts music at all hours. The one who hosts parties on a Tuesday night till 4am. Or the one who sounds like they run a tap-dancing school 24/7. How to deal with noise complaints is an enduring challenge for many condo residents and one of the most common questions we receive from our readers. Well…you may be in luck.

Our June 2016 article called What To Do With Loud Condo Neighbour remains one of our most-read articles, indicating that you guys are suffering from some serious Loud Neighbour Syndrome! We outlined some of the steps you can take to deal with noisy neighbours. The challenge was, that it fell upon the condo corporation and property management company to handle these complaints. Many readers mentioned that their condo managers simply weren’t doing enough to deal with the noise pollution or complaints.

There has been a recent amendment to the Condominium Act created to help resolve any disputes between unit owners and the condominium corporation. Meaning, if you feel your complaints are not being addressed adequately there is someone else to complain to! Introducing the Condominium Authority Tribunal (or CAT for short).

The application to request a hearing from the new tribunal must be made within two years of the original dispute and owners must follow the prescribed form and regulations stated in the Condominium Act.

We sincerely hope that your building’s management will adequately address any of your concerns so that no escalation is needed. But if not, you now know what to do. In the meantime, review our suggestions for dealing with the techno beats coming through the walls at 2am. 


Michael Camber

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