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BurritoWe always enjoy reviewing local delicacies for our “Best Of” entries and this week’s will be where to find the best burritos in Liberty Village.

Let’s start by saying that there is no shortage of burritos to choose from. Burritos have become an extremely popular lunch choice for Liberty Villagers and you can find loads of choice all over town. Some of the big boys have moved into the neighbourhood. Here is a list of some of our favourites:

Fat Bastard Burrito

Fat Bastard Burrito (126 Atlantic Ave) or FBB, is one of our newest additions and definitely one of our favourites. Talk about choice. Talk about some really unusual burrito toppings (Noodles? Coleslaw? Crumbled Tortilla Chips?). Our recent favourite is the “lil” sized ground beef burrito. Big, flavourful and satisfying.

Other choices include baked chicken, roasted steak, pulled pork, baked yam, bean & cheese and sautéed veggie. For the mor adventurous types: buffalo chicken, tequila lime chicken, butter chicken, battered fish and more. Don’t overlook the deep-fried Mars bar for dessert.

The Roastery

The Roastery (8 Pardee Ave) may surprise its non-regulars as a good burrito destination. To make their lunch rush more efficient, The Roastery has a burrito station that always has a long line and they make really good burritos. There are several burritos on offer and all topping can be customized to order.  Toppings are conventional but good quality.  The standards such as bean, beef, chicken, and non-standards such as sweet potato. The perks of The Roastery is that you can chase your burrito with a great cup of coffee.

Burrito Burrito

Burrito Burrito (171 East Liberty St) can be found tucked away in the Liberty Market Building Galleria and offers a good alternative to Fat Bastard Burrito without the exotic toppings that can be found at FBB. In addition to burritos you can find  tacos,  bowls, quesadillas and french fries. Ingredients include steak, chicken, shrimp, halibut, veggie, soy and surf n’ turf


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