Traffic Lights Turned On At East Liberty and Strachan

Traffic LightMany of us (for years) have been anticipating a remedy to the intersection at Strachan and East Liberty. Even before the construction to drop the train tracks commenced, that intersection has always been a challenge to navigate for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Probably one of the most dangerous in the area.

The population of Liberty Village has grown dramatically in recent years and the western section of Liberty Village is bursting with over 200 companies that employ thousands of people making there way in to and out of Liberty Village each day.

As of now, there are only two main arteries into or out of the east and west sides of Liberty Village. East Liberty and Strachan NEEDED that traffic light. The reason why it wasn’t installed sooner is that there was apparently a by-law issue with putting a traffic light that close to a rail-road crossing. Now that the crossing has been removed the problem is solved. Not so fast.

Traffic is a big problem in Toronto. Our infrastructure is dated there are too many cars on roads that can’t handle the volume.  When the lights were turned on last Monday, it became immediately apparent that all of the cars turning left onto East Liberty St coming from Lakeshore would be sitting for a while.

Why Traffic Services didn’t add an advanced left signal for those cars is anybody’s guess but apparently it’s now in the works.

Until then, continue to be mindful of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers and please take it easy out there.

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