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By Leslie Ahenda 

Car ownership in Toronto is a fantastic convenience. You can commute to work, meet up with friends across town, or even take weekend trips outside the GTA. But if there’s one challenge to car ownership in the city, it’s finding space to park. 

The Best Car Sharing Services in Liberty Village

Finding parking in Liberty Village can seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. In this guide, we’ll take you through all of your monthly parking options in Liberty Village. Here’s an outline of the lots that offer monthly parking:


Parking Lot Location Monthly Rate
Lot #341 85 Hanna Ave $176.40
Lot #48 1100 King St. W $177.45
135 Liberty St. Parking  8 Pardee Ave $200.00
Lot #53 60/80 Atlantic Ave $300.00


Let’s take a closer look at these parking lots, what they offer, and how to get a spot. 

Lot #341

Lot 341 is an underground garage with 304 spaces. Located at 85 Hanna Avenue, Lot 341 serves King West Village and Liberty Village alike. There is transit access available nearby, including the King streetcar. This security patrolled parking lot is wheelchair accessible and has options for bike storage and motorcycle parking, 


To pay for daily parking, which costs $2 for the first hour and $3 per hour thereafter, customers can pay at the meter or at the pay station in the elevator lobby. For monthly parking, customers can purchase a parking pass at Lot #341 for $176.40. 

Lot #48

1100 King St West Lot #48 - 1100 King St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1E6, Canada

Lot #48 is a new underground lot in the heart of Liberty Village. It is conveniently located at 1100 King St. W, just steps from Allan A. Lamport Stadium, the King streetcar, and many exciting businesses. Lot $48 has 278 parking spots to serve the Liberty Village community. 

For daily parking, the first hour at Lot #48 is free. After that, each subsequent hour is $3. Evening and weekend parking has a flat rate for $25. Customers can buy a monthly pass for Lot #48 for $177.45. 

135 Liberty St. Parking

1910 - 135 East Liberty St, Toronto | Leased, C5520349 |

The surface parking lot at 135 Liberty Street offers overnight parking from Monday to Friday and all-day parking on weekends. Customers can leave their cars from 6pm to 7am on weekdays. This lot, conveniently located in the heart of Liberty Village, has 45 parking spots. 

The entrance to the lot is behind 8 Pardee Avenue on the west side of the street. Customers can purchase a monthly parking pass at 135 Liberty St. for $200. 

60/80 Atlantic Ave – Lot #53


Lot #53 is an underground parking facility located at 60/80 Atlantic Ave. Beneath the pair of office buildings and across the street from the stadium, this parking garage is convenient for any Liberty Village resident. 

The entrance to the parking garage is located on the east side of Jefferson Ave. For $300, customers can get monthly parking at Lot #53

Parking in Liberty Village: FAQs

Still curious about parking in Liberty Village? Here are some common questions answered. 

1. Is There Street Parking in Liberty Village? 

Liberty Village is finally getting the bridge it so desperately wants

The City of Toronto offers many different types of street parking permits. Permits include residential parking for 6 or 12 month periods, temporary on-street parking for visitors, and more. 

You can contact the permit parking office to find out if your street is designated for permit parking. 

2. Where Can I Park Overnight in Liberty Village? 

Neighbourhood Profile: Liberty Village | Medallion Capital

There are several lots that allow overnight parking in and around Liberty Village. 


Location Night Hours Night Maximum Type
80 Lynn Williams St 6pm to 6am $5.00 Surface Lot
1030 King St. W 6pm to 7am $5.00 Garage
1155 King St. W 6pm to 7am $8.00 Surface Lot
34 Hanna Ave 6pm to 7am $8.00 Surface Lot


Some of these lots are more of a walk than others, depending on where in Liberty Village you live. That said, there are some great deals available if you or a guest need to park your car for a night. 

3. Are There Public Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in Liberty Village? 

Yorkdale Shopping Center - Parking Lot G | PlugShare

Yes, there are public charging stations in Liberty Village. As electric cars grow in popularity, Liberty Village is working to accommodate them. 

Location Charging Rate
1100 King St. W Free
99 Atlantic Ave $1.50/hour
147 East Liberty St. $1.50/hour
85 Hanna Ave 2 hours free, then $3/hour
100 Lynn Williams St. 2 hours free, then $3/hour


As you can see, there are convenient and inexpensive options for electric vehicle charging in the neighborhood. 

Where to Park in Liberty Village: Final Thoughts 

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While it can seem difficult to find parking in Liberty Village, there are more spots available than you might realize. There are many areas where parking is permitted, and multiple lots offer monthly parking rates for your convenience. You can hit the road assured that you’ll find somewhere to park when you get home!