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It would appear that good car mechanics are simply not as plentiful downtown as they once were (thanks rising land costs and development!). Among neighbourhood residents who own vehicles, they know how important it is to have a quality mechanic or mechanic services that you can depend on. The options available in Liberty Village are none, with currently no car services businesses operating in the community. This means that to fix your car in Liberty Village, you’re going to have the venture a little ways out – surprisingly though, there’s enough choice close by to keep you from having to travel across the city.

Spadina Auto – 111 Strachan Avenue

Among the highest rated places to fix your car near Liberty Village, Spadina Auto provides a number of services. If you need a safety inspection done, are in requirement of tire services, or just want some honest advice without any pressure to go through with a repair, Spadina Auto provides comprehensive assessments that are sure to give you the information you need to make an informed decision on your car. Many residents from Liberty Village already go to Spadina Auto. Managed by Wayne (Wayne rocks!) and his crew, the company comes highly recommended with a neighborhood feel, a real personal and friendly atmosphere, and overall, is a great place to go get some work done when you need it.

Certified Tire and Auto – 1586 Queen Street West

These guys have had their fair share of negative or mixed reviews. After a recent transfer of ownership however, Certified Tire and Auto has slowly been earning back the trust of consumers in the Parkdale neighborhood. The company has seen its fair share of customers from the Liberty Village and Queen West neighborhoods, including many who are attracted to Certified Tire and Auto primarily for their low quotes and extended warranties which other shops have not always been able to beat. If you don’t already have a mechanic in or near Liberty Village, visiting Certified Tire and Auto can definitely provide insight into whether you want to settle in with them.

A & A Garage – 111 Strachan Avenue, Unit 2

A & A Garage is located pretty much on the same lot as Spadina Auto, which is admittedly confusing. Despite the high ratings Spadina Auto has received, A & A Garage has not had the same luxury. They have been criticized for high, unaffordable prices and poor customer service. Though it is possible that these may have simply been uniquely bad customer experiences, they definitely provide some insight into the conduct that is maintained at this garage. Knowing the low ratings, it does not make sense to recommend them and unfortunately this is one garage that is best avoided. Needless to say, Spadina Auto is the favored option of the two.

Mario’s Garage – 2 Fennings Street

Widely acclaimed for their high quality work, speed, efficiency, and honesty, Mario’s Garage might be the ideal location to bring your Liberty Village car to get fixed. If you don’t mind travelling a little ways up Sudbury Street and a minute or two down Queen, this company has a perfect five-star rating on nearly all review sites. Like any good mechanic, Mario’s Garage will tell you what you need done right then and there, and what can wait a little bit. If you’re new to the neighborhood or City and don’t already have a mechanic, giving Mario’s Garage the opportunity to impress might score you some of the best auto repair troubleshooting in the west end.

Looking for Auto Repair in Liberty Village? It’s Only a Few Minutes Away

Quality auto repair in Liberty Village is never far away. The best advice that anyone can offer you is, when you find a good mechanic that you can trust, stay with them. Trying out a few of these places to see where you fit vibe-wise makes sense. There are a lot of really great mechanics throughout the City who are willing to lend a helping hand, but then there are others who are not worth giving a dime to. Before there’s an emergency and you need your annual inspection done, try a few spots and find the service that is right for you. If you want to know more about your car, receive quality customer service, and feel like you’re not overspending, there are a number of great mechanics at these shops willing to provide assistance.

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