Winter Cycling in Liberty Village

We sure know that many people commuting in and out of Liberty Village like to cycle. With the introduction of the King Street Pilot Study, and often frustration of parking in-availability, it only provides more reason for more people to consider cycling. While many only think of biking during the spring and summer months, it is quite possible to equip your ride and attire for the winter.

No Bike, No Problem!

Not everyone has a bike and that’s okay. We have a few suggestions to help you out so you can join the cycling movement.

Bike Share is a great alternative to buying your own bicycle. Photo credit to Meg Marshall.

Toronto’s infrastructure of shared bicycle’s, known as Bike Share, can help us out. With over 10000 bikes available at over 200 docks throughout many parts of the city, cycling just got easier. Bike Share is a year-round service (yes – even during the snowy months). We conveniently have a few docks within Liberty Village including:

  • Fraser Ave on the west side of the Green P Parking Lot
  • King St W on the south side, near Lamport Stadium
  • Liberty Village Park

Drop Bike is a player in the cycling shared economy that allows a user to park or “drop” their borrowed bike with the use of an app. Photo Credit: reddit/dnhmltn

Another shared bicycle network is called Drop Bike. Unlike Bike Share, Drop Bike allows the user to park the bike wherever it is convenient for them and noting the location through the app.

And perhaps if a housemate, partner, significant other, sibling or friend under utilizes their bike, ask if you can take it out for a spin.

Rider Gear

So how does a cyclist stay warm during winter when the temperature drops? The key is layers. Similar to runners, “the right windproof, thermal and water proof gear can keep you dry and warm on rides so that you barely notice how cold it is” –

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) note you should be cautious and protect the toes, fingers, ears and nose, as they are at the greatest risk of getting cold fast. These areas do not have major muscles to produce heat.

Cycling Safety

Cycling safety is a must! Photo credit to Andrew Gook.

As the days are darker longer now, it is important to be seen. Ensure that your bike is equipped with adequate lighting. It is important to have both front and rear lights. MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) has a good selection.

Protect your noggin, because we are only given one! Helmets are especially necessary, no matter how long the distance your ride is. Some are more stylish than others but make sure to get properly fitted at a professional cycle shop.

Winterizing your ride should not be taken lightly. notes that there are 7 key ways to winterize your ride which include getting your tires dilated and that cooking spray is a good friend and tool.

Our friendly and amazing Liberty Village Cycle Shop.

Our good friends and local business, Liberty Street Cyclery, are experts at bikes. Should you have any need to get your bike fixed, you need to head on over to their shop at 31 Atlantic Ave. They will certainly be able to help get your bike winterized. Winter storage for your prized ride is also available if needed.

Have fun, stay safe, continue to get a great workout during the winter with your bike throughout Liberty Village!

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