Yoga in Liberty Village Park every Sunday until August 18, 2017

photo courtesy of Liberty Life Yoga

The summer is proving to be a very active one in Liberty Village, with yoga in the park every Sunday morning until August 18TH. What’s even better yet is that all these classes are free, hosted by yoga professionals, and are designed to not only engage members of the community but also is accepting donations on behalf of Toronto charities.

Free Sunday yoga in Liberty Village starts at 10:30 am and is hosted by Liberty Life Yoga, an organization that has worked to develop yoga programs catering to all levels. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced yogi, these classes are a great way to get out in the neighborhood, to activate muscles, and to get to know a neighbor.

photo courtesy of Liberty Life Yoga

Through the most recent summers, outdoor yoga has proven to be a strong trend throughout the City of Toronto, creating new places for people to meet and to help develop budding communities such as Liberty Village. In the past, these type of free yoga sessions in Liberty Village has attracted people of all ages and abilities. Every Sunday morning in the summer, certified instructors are there to help guide classes and provide a moderate level of exercise, giving opportunity for anyone to participate no matter fitness level or yoga experience. Bring your yoga mat, a towel, and some water, and enjoy the morning!

The benefits of yoga are long. This 5,000 year old practice helps improve flexibility, build muscle strength, correct poor posture, prevent cartilage and joint breakdown, protect the spine, better your bone health, increase blood flow, and help boost the body’s immunity. Yoga is also an excellent way to shake up a stale workout routine. For example, if the way you exercise is predominantly with heavy weights, yoga can be an excellent way to stretch out those muscles and increase range of motion in your joints. Additionally, doing this will release the lactic acid build-up that is a common cause of aches and pains among people who frequently exercise with heavy weights.

photo courtesy of Liberty Life Yoga

Beyond all the physical benefits, yoga helps to establish a sense of calm which can be very welcoming after a particularly loud Friday or Saturday night. So come on down next Sunday morning, mute what’s going on around you and in your head, and sweat off that anxiety and stress.

With each summer that has passed in Liberty Village, these type of activities and events have continued to rise in popularity, attracting participants from even a short distance outside the community. The work of businesses such as Liberty Life Yoga has meant that fitness is accessible for all who dare seek it in the community.

If Sunday morning yoga is working for you and you want to get involved with Liberty Life Yoga beyond the summer days, the group regularly holds classes, workshops, yoga series, and special events throughout the year. Also, the company offers private and semi-private classes, should it be something of interest (i.e. for a birthday get-together or a bachelorette party). For more information, check out the Liberty Life Yoga website or speak with one of the certified yoga instructors in attendance on any Sunday morning up until August 18TH.

If you have ever wanted to try yoga, now’s the time. And if you’re not super into the idea of getting your sweat on amongst strangers, bring a friend and set yourself up in a location where you can practice comfortably. There’s no barrier to access – free and in your own neighborhood, Liberty Life Yoga has done a wonderful thing by bringing affordable, moderate yoga to Liberty Village and making it inclusive to all, with any donations accepted being directed to charity.

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  1. I wonder if anyone there thought of going to church of a Sunday? It’s really great after a noisy Friday or Saturday to calmly recollect with others and, you know, God. You’re all invited to come on down!

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