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There are many advantages of living in Liberty Village. Despite the current restrictions in place, due to the global pandemic, the neighbourhood still offers a variety of interesting experiences. There are also several outdoor areas to safely explore.

Below is a list of four notable opportunities in Liberty Village. We have also included insider perspectives from residents themselves.   

1. Liberty Village is steps to a waterfront green space with an off-leash dog park

Located east of Ontario Place along the Martin Goodman Trail, Coronation Park is a large green space that’s used for various activities. Many people visit this spot to sit along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Coronation Park is also a great choice for pet lovers, as it has a designated off-leash area for fur babies to run around. Additionally, it includes three softball diamonds for athletes and sports enthusiasts to explore. 

2. Liberty Village is close to an urban forest with lakeside bike trails and skyscraper views

Found within Ontario Place, Trillium Park offers a natural-looking landscape with a range of native trees and shrubs.  In addition to flora, the park has rolling landforms, trails, rock outcrops, and pebble beaches. 

Some popular activities include holding bonfires at the Fire Pit and enjoying the best views over the lake at the Bluff.  Other interesting sights include the Summit that serves as the highest point in the park and the three marker trees that were used as the First Nations’ way of navigation.

Matt, who recently moved to Liberty Village, shares which outdoor activities he loves the most. 

“Without a doubt, the number one thing that I love about this neighborhood is how close it is to the waterfront,” says Matt. “Running in the warmer months, picnics at Trillium Park… The outdoor space nearby is perfect.”

3. Liberty Village has a wide variety of local businesses

While there are establishments in the area that cater to nearly every niche, many people particularly love Liberty Village for its food selection. For instance, Burger Drops will satisfy any type of greasy craving. For something heavier, Liberty Commons offers prime ribs. 

Ideal for those with a sweet tooth, Liberty Village has a shop that sells quirky and tasty treats. Check out The Teeny Tiny Bakery.

Individuals who are searching for a fancier meal have plenty of options. Cibo Wine Bar offers a delectable assortment of entrees and wine. Those craving seafood, to pair with their wine, can explore Rodney’s Oyster House.

Keep in mind that all of these establishments offer both pick-up and delivery, allowing you to eat great food inside the comfort of your own home.

In need of household essentials? Browse three of the biggest grocery stores in Liberty Village—Loblaws, Metro, and Longo’s.

Apoorva Singh, owner of Solitude Living, discusses how the Liberty Village community supports local establishments.

“Oh gosh, so many things to love here in Liberty Village!” she says. “My numero uno is the Facebook community group. It’s close to 14K members and oh-so-helpful. You can ask about anything—repairs, food recommendations, local events—- and receive an answer within seconds. Fun-filled comments aside, this group is filled with genuine people who are so generous with sharing information.”

“I have been staying here for the past 18 months,” she adds. “Long walks in the evenings, exploring the neighborhood, and sipping on some coffee is absolute bliss!”

4. Liberty Village is highly accessible

Alberto, who moved to Liberty Village during the early stages of the pandemic in 2020, shares what he loves the most about living in Liberty Village.

“My favourite part of living in Liberty Village is the location. First, I can walk to the CNE or the Lakeshore. Second, the wonderful restaurants in the West end are easily accessible. Going downtown is not a problem, and driving out of Toronto is convenient due to how close the Gardiner expressway exits are.”

He also talks about other unconventional yet lovable aspects of the neighbourhood.

Dogs, dogs, dogs,” he shares. “There seem to be dogs everywhere you look within Liberty Village.

He also notes  that Liberty Village is a runner-friendly neighbourhood.

“Similar to my point about dogs, this neighbourhood boasts an intense running culture,” says Alberto. “There is always someone running or working out!”

While we have covered four advantages of living in Liberty Village, we are sure that there are many more! Feel free to spread the word on why you love the area.

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