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5 of Liberty Village’s Newest Businesses

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5 of Liberty Village’s Newest Businesses 

by Leslie Ahenda 


Spring is just around the corner in Liberty Village. With the new season comes a desire to get outside and enjoy everything the neighborhood has to offer. As we flip into spring, some exciting new businesses are opening their doors to the community. 


Let’s take a look at 5 essential new businesses in Liberty Village, Toronto:

1. M&M Food Market 

M&M Food Market opened its first store in Kitchener, Ontario, in 1980. Since then, it’s expanded across Canada with over 400 locations nationwide. 


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M&M Food Market takes pride in its social responsibility. The money you spend at M&M Food Market goes toward such initiatives as energy-efficient appliances, sustainable fishing practices, and feeding children impacted by food scarcity. 


Located at 137 East Liberty Street, this new M&M Food Market location is here to serve the Liberty Village community. It’s easily walkable, and there’s parking nearby for your convenience. 


The new Liberty Village M&M Food Market is open every day. It opens its doors at 9am every day except for Sunday, when it opens at 10am. It stays open late enough for you to grab whatever you need for dinner. 


Location: 137 East Liberty Street 

Phone: 647-352-8800


Instagram: mmfoodmarket  

2. OEB Breakfast Co.

Founded in Calgary by Italian chef Mauro Martina, OEB Breakfast Co. believes in the artistry of breakfast food. Since its inception in 2009, OEB has spread across BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and into the United States. 



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Mindful of the community’s various dietary needs, OEB Breakfast Co.’s menu includes delicious gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. OEB prides itself in the quality and integrity at the heart of its menu. 


At 125 East Liberty Street, OEB Breakfast Co.’s newest location is in the heart of Liberty Village. Parking is just a short distance away.


OEB Breakfast Co. in Liberty Village is open daily. It opens early in the morning on weekdays so you can get your breakfast in before work. Open at 8-9am on weekends, it’s a fantastic brunch spot for you and your friends. 

Location: 125 East Liberty Street 

Phone: 416-238-1152


Instagram: oeb_breakfast

3. Bone & Biscuit 

Bone & Biscuit is a natural pet food store with over 50 locations across Canada. It sources Canadian made products that are both high quality and environmentally conscious. Its goal is to educate pet owners to and help them make good choices for their pets. 


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At Bone & Biscuit, the highest priority is offering healthy food to your pets. Dedicated to pets’ well-being, Bone & Biscuit offers a raw food calculator and an ingredient finder. With these resources, coupled with its personable in-store service, you’re sure to find the best products for your pet. 


At 145 East Liberty Street, the newest Bone & Biscuit is located in the Liberty Market Tower. In the core of Liberty Village, it’s near all the stores you’ll hit for your errands. Parking is available nearby


Bone & Biscuit opens evey day at 10am. It stays open until the early evening so you can pick up your pets’ food before dinnertime. 


Location: 145 East Liberty Street 

Phone: 647-368-7039


Instagram: boneandbiscuit

4. COBS Bread 

COBS Bread is a household favourite for fresh bread and pastry products. Established in Australia in 1980, COBS has expanded to over 700 bakeries worldwide. 


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Baked fresh everyday, the bread at COBS is made with quality ingredients and is free of preservatives. Its wide range of bread products are baked fresh daily. At the end of the day, any bread that hasn’t sold is donated to local charities. 


The newest COBS is located at 171 East Liberty Street, inside the Liberty Market Building. There’s parking nearby if you require it. 


When COBS Liberty Village opens its doors to customers, the hours will be posted here


Location: 171 East Liberty Street 


Instagram: cobsbread

5. Nodo Liberty Village 

Serving authentic Italian cuisine, Nodo currently has three locations across Toronto. Its fourth location will open its doors in Liberty Village in Summer 2022. 


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Centered around pizza and pasta, Nodo’s menu offers classic Italian dishes as well as creative new ideas from its chefs. Everything is made in-house from scratch. The all-Italian wine and beer menu pairs with the food for a beautifully rounded dining experience.


Tucked away off the main strip, Nodo Liberty Village is located at 120 Lynn Williams Street. It’s central to Liberty Village, yet tucked away from the busiest street for the sake of intimate dining. Parking is located on either end of the street. 


When Nodo Liberty Village opens to the public, its hours will be posted online. The other three locations are closed on Mondays, and open during dinner hours Tuesday-Sunday. 


They are also open for takeout and delivery Tuesday-Sunday from 4pm to 9pm. 


Location: 120 Lynn Williams Street 


Instagram: nodorestaurant

Closing Remarks 

This spring, you can get brunch at OEB and pick up meat and other essentials at M&M Food Market for your dinner. In summer, you’ll be able to dine on the finest Italian food at Nodo, and pick up fresh baked goods at COBS Bread. 


Your pets will be happy too, as you can get the best natural food for them at Bone & Biscuit. With all these new businesses, Liberty Village is gearing up for a new season of exciting food-related experiences for everyone!



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