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All that Toronto wants to be is everything that Liberty Village already is. Urban, unique, trendy, young, friendly, community-focused, and a mix of historical Toronto with modern planning. Perfect? Far from it. But we feel that neighbourhoods like Liberty Village are few and far between. If you live in or have spent time in Liberty Village then you already know. If you haven’t, are you looking for a new place to call home in Toronto – here are 11 reasons to put Liberty Village at the top of your list of places to look.

It’s Got An Artistic Vibe To It

It might not feel that way on the newer condo-centric eastern portion of the neighbourhood but Liberty Village has a rich connection to the arts. Fewer now than in years past but Liberty Village was once a bursting with local artistic talent, artists’ studios and even film sets. Add to that studios for graphic design, marketing, photography, video editing, music making and so much more – it’s no wonder Liberty Village is well-known as Toronto’s artists’ hub.Liberty Village Street Art

Amenities You Need Are All Within Walking Distance

While there are other condo-neighbourhoods dotted around the downtown core, none are as close in proximity to more grocery, shopping, dinning and entertainment options. Did you know that Liberty Village has more pubs per capita than any other neighbourhood in the city (I’m not even sure that’s actually true but we last counted 4 or 5 in 2 square blocks).

You’ll Find A Lot Of Young People Here

Young professionals, some students, first-time condo buyers, and lots of twenty-somethings identify with the energy of the community. People who live in Liberty Village tend to fall into one or more of these categories and if you do, you’ll love being here. That’s not to say there aren’t plenty of older, wiser and more experienced residents who enjoy the downtown condo lifestyle. In fact, there are plenty more than there were in years past – but overall Liberty Village is still a neighbourhood with a young and fun demographic.

Awesome Modern Toronto Condos To Choose From

If there is one thing that Liberty Village has a lot of, it’s condos. With 15 buildings and growing (there are no fewer than 8 new buildings in various states of planning and construction) plus the OG townhouse complex circa 2003/2004/2005, there are condo-styles for every taste. Whether you like lofts, condos or townhomes, there is a place for you here. Want to see whats’s available for rent? Check out our Liberty Village Condos For Rent page. Looking to purchase a Liberty Village condo? This is where they are.

Supports a Healthy, Fitness-Friendly Lifestyle

Liberty Village has a variety of gyms, fitness centres and yoga studios for all of your health & fitness needs. The GoodLife Fitness is unquestionably the most popular but on a smaller level, you have F45 Training, Delta Train, Pure Yoga, and many others. If rock-climbing is more your thing there’s Joe Rockhead’s Indoor Climbing. If you would like to eat healthier to compliment your new fitness regime, there are also so many vegetarian and vegan options at local restaurants. It’s a very, very friendly neighbourhood towards healthy lifestyles – in fact – it might be easier to find a salad than it is to find a plate of fries in Liberty Village.

It’s Insta-Friendly

You find a lot of lovely Instagram-ready scenery to dig into with your camera. Everybody by now must know that famous mural on the backside of the Carpet Factory. You know the one. Even if you aren’t among Toronto social media elite, it’s still a good feeling to be living surrounded by the mix of ultra-gorgeous architecture from years past and more modern builds. Some neighbourhoods don’t have a lot of invention or character to them. Thankfully, Liberty Village has lots of that.

Photo credit: Goran Petkovski

It’s not just a great place to live – it’s a great investment

Case in point, the average 1 bed was selling for $317,000 in February 2014. Fast forward to January 2020 and the average 1 bed is selling for $598,000. That’s an 89% increase in 6 years.

When you invest in a Toronto condo or real estate, you want to maximize the equity earned. Due to Liberty Village’s location amongst key amenities and transportation routes, a condo investment is a smart move. Case in point, the average 1 bed was selling for $317,000 in February 2014. Fast forward to January 2020 and the average 1 bed is selling for $598,000. That’s an 89% value increase in 6 years. Also, rents in Liberty Village are on average 9% higher than most Toronto neighbourhoods, with the average 1 bed currently renting for $2300 a month (excluding hydro). Even with sky-rocketing rents, vacancy rates are at record-lows in the neighbourhood.

Its Easy To Get Around

One of the best things about Liberty Village is how it connects to the rest of the city and its outskirts. For TTC riders, the Ossington Bus cuts up to Ossington subway station and King West is right there giving you a direct route into downtown to see the Leafs, Jays, Raptors, to catch a play, see a band, etc. Queen West is also a very short walk north which comes with more awesome stuff. Residents with cars also have the Gardiner close enough for a road trip outside the core.

You’re Close To Work and Play

If you like the idea of living close to work without actually living across the street from your office tower then Liberty Village is the place for you! If you work in the financial core then you can easily be at the office within 20 minutes via the King streetcar. Sometimes it’s nice to live near the office without actually seeing it from your bedroom.

It’s a Great Toronto Neighbourhood To Be Single In

91% of Liberty Village’s population is under 44 years of age. 49% of the neighbourhood is single.

With a lot of young people living and working here, and with King and Queen West in such close proximity, Liberty Village is a great place to meet new young and single people. There are many, many places to have a first date in and never a shortage of things to do. If you’re single and unattached, this is a place where you can explore your options.

It’s a Hip Place To Be

Small eateries, coffee shops, a strong local business community, bustling shops, welcoming restaurants and bars are all within a short walk when you are in Liberty Village. At any given time you’re within a two minute walk of somewhere awesome. We invite you to come and check it out.

Has city living got you down? Liberty Village is where it’s at. Move here and join in with the rest of us. Life in the city can be complex but in our neighbourhood, everything’s just right.

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