59 East Liberty Street – An Introduction

Although colloquially called Liberty Tower by some, most people simply refer to this condo building as 59 East Liberty Street – it’s municipal address in case you were wondering. Once condo builders have squeezed every last drop of marketing juice out of the names they come up with for our city’s condos, most people revert back to the municipal address anyway. Makes sense – especially for such obviously generic names like Liberty Village Tower.

Regardless, Liberty Tower or 59 East Liberty Street is far from generic.  Completed in the winter of 2011 and registered in August 2011, the Tower was the first condo  building that CanAlfa had completed as part of their massive Liberty Village development plan. Up till that point, Can Alfa was best known for the rows of townhouses between Western Battery Rd and East Liberty Street, and were affectionately marketed back when they first launched in 2001 as the Urban Towns. Not sure if anybody remembers the name now?

Liberty Tower is phase 1 to Bliss’ phase 2. A blog about Bliss condos can be found here: Bliss Condos but the finishes are generally the same in both buildings, the layouts are almost identical and the amenities are mostly shared. I like these two buildings. I like them a lot. I actually live in Bliss so I know what I am talking about. I see many condo buildings on a daily basis (being a real estate agent) and I can say, without bias, that these two buildings are really good options in a great and growing neighbourhood.

They are not the most luxurious buildings in town but you get value for money, good views (mostly) and a great downtown neighbourhood to live in. Prices generally reflect the same price-point as Bliss: 2+1’s for $500,000+, 1-beds for $300,000 and 1+dens for $360,000 (at the time of this writing).

As always, to find out what is currently for sale at 59 East Liberty St (Liberty Tower) or any other Liberty Village condo, find me at Toronto Lofts and Condos or email me at [email protected].


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