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In many ways Liberty Village already has it all. Imagine a neighbourhood where you can get a sweat on in your favourite workout, do your grocery shopping with a beer in-hand, find employment at a top digital agency, and get your hair done. That’s Liberty Village. Even with all of these fantastic business there are still plenty more popping up all the time. Let’s see which ones you missed that joined our neighbourhood in 2019. 

Last year, Liberty Village welcomed more than a dozen new businesses into the neighbourhood. Whether you’re a long-time resident or a new devotee, there’s no shortage of trendy hot spots to hit up for a wide variety of services. Here are 7 new businesses in Liberty Village that opened within the past year that you may have missed.

WINNERS – 1100 King Street West

Yes, that’s right! Liberty Village has now got its own WINNERS store! For those that love all the unique brands that come with WINNERS, you no longer need to leave the community to shop them. At King and Jefferson, inside you will find fashion, beauty, homewares, activewear, and more. This only adds to the growing collection of small businesses in Liberty Village and surrounding neighborhoods built around these industries. Be sure to check the back of the aisles for clearance items!

Brodflour – 8 Pardee Avenue

Brodflour is still a new Liberty Village bakery, a key spot for perhaps the best coffee in Liberty Village and locally made baked goods. This isn’t just any regular Toronto bakery either. Brodflour creates its own artisanal sourdough and rye made from ancient grain procured from local farmers and which is milled right on-site. You won’t find fresher bread in Toronto’s west end! All it takes is a single bite to get lost in the deliciousness of the breads, buns, and other items on offer here. Easily one of Toronto’s best bakeries now. 

Organic Garage – 42 Hanna Avenue

Ok so Organic Garage technically opened in late 2018 but it makes this list because we really, really love the mission statement and vibes this brand brings to Liberty Village. There’s no shortage of organic foods in the community – especially with the new Longo’s and Metro. Organic Garage is generally more affordable, Ontario-based, and carries items you won’t find elsewhere. If you’ve ever been to a Whole Foods or Farm Boy, Organic Garage fits into the conversation with ease although offers are less costly.

Amsterdam Brewery Co – inside the new Longo’s

The new Longo’s on King West, Liberty Village’s newest grocery store, has garnered a lot of attention for having the brand’s first on-site brewery. A partnership with Amsterdam Brewery Co. has brought in locally crafted beer and artisan products, boosting the eat-in options here. Amsterdam Brewery Co. and Longo’s partnership is history-making and the first of its kind in Canada. Liberty Village can now lay claim to being the home of the first fully liquor licensed grocery store in Canada.

Liberty Arts – 25 Atlantic Avenue

Liberty Arts is an art gallery that also carries graphic novels, comics, prints, books, and merchandise predominantly from local Toronto artists. The space is very much one of the neighborhood’s trendiest, with recent galleries featuring the animations and cartoons of Kaj Pindal, the wax and spray paint of David Brown, Halloween illustrations from C. M. Duffy, mixed media works from Aaron Leighton, and large-scale ink pieces from Kelly Bastow. If you like involving yourself in local arts or are looking for inspiration yourself, check out Liberty Arts.

Kids & Company – 1100 King Street West

One of the bigger issues Liberty Village is having to confront is the inaccessibility of childcare spaces. It is one of the only services lacking in the community. Thankfully, things are changing. Last April, Kids & Company opened its doors and are now offering early education and childcare options for Liberty Village parents. Everything from the new facility and enclosed courtyard to the food prepared is done with thought and care. This is a small business we’re fortunate to have and one that understandably a lot of us without kids or an immediate childcare need may have missed.

Ultramen – 134 Atlantic Avenue

Ultramen is a Japanese restaurant specializing in ramen soups and tsukemen dipping-style ramen.  As Liberty Village’s premiere Japanese restaurant, you can also get sake and beer here. Immediately on entering, you’ll find a mix of Japanese iconography, cultural items, and toys lining the walls. The food is flavored to perfection and has received high marks from many residents, particularly those with an affinity for vegan options and sushi. Ultramen has both.

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