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This past April, the competitive Liberty Village bar and pub scene welcomed a new presence into the mix. The highly-reviewed Barcelona Tavern is a uniquely designed multi-level bar combining industrial Liberty Village vibes with Spanish tapas and an excitable crowd.

The Barcelona Tavern is located at 109 Atlantic Avenue and has thus far been a popular hotspot among those seeking a more gin and tonic kind of vibe. The Mediterranean-esque menu ranges from ribs to lobster raviolis, all the while serving up Spanish-style tapas in dishes that have a little more heft to them.

Downstairs, the Barcelona Tavern has a capacity of 36 and things are a little more intimate. The small bar faces an open kitchen and you’ll notice immediately the Barcelona-imported wall of doors that come embedded into the aesthetic.

Upstairs in the ‘Cava Room’. If you’re looking for somewhere to gather with friends and watch the game, upstairs has 7 TVs, windows, and a roof that open towards the sky. A really cool thing about the Barcelona Tavern is the dumbwaiter used to transport orders from the downstairs to the upstairs. All of this really adds to the uniqueness of the Tavern.

The food menu here is also pretty spectacular though a little pricey. The Veal Bomba comes for $15 and is two meatballs stuffed with mozzarella, goat cheese, and San Marzano tomato sauce, topped with some basil. The Lobster ravioli is in the same price range and is a dish of lobster, house-made pasta, butternut squash puree, chardonnay cream, and tarragon olive oil. The Paella is a signature dish, priced at just over $25, and is a combination seafood and chorizo. There are plenty of drinks to browse as well including the Big Smoke Old Fashioned, the Strawberry Gin Smash, and more.

Though not marketed as a sports bar per se, the staff here push the sports pretty heavy. If that’s not your thing, hitting up the Barcelona Tavern on game night might not be recommended. Throughout the NHL playoffs this year, the TVs were up loud and the crowds were very sports-friendly. Needless to say, this is a very fun spot that presents a few different options for atmosphere – chill at the lower level bar or head on up to the upper level where you can unwind.

Since its opening, the Barcelona Tavern has been welcomed into the Liberty Village neighborhood with open arms. The Barcelona-Toronto hybrid décor, the glass roof which is set to open or close depending on the weather, portion sizes, tasty food, and the hours have all been pointed out as standouts. Be it for lunch, supper, or a night-out, the Barcelona Tavern has done well so far picking up fans at all hours of the day.

As Liberty Village’s bar and restaurant scene continues to grow, the Barcelona Tavern is well representative of the standards, spirit, and fun of the community. An absolutely fantastic addition to the neighborhood, the Barcelona Tavern is open to all – casual diners, corporate crowds, sports fans, foodies, cocktail connoisseurs, and more.

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