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Liberty Village’s newest coffee house has opened at 31 Atlantic Ave. Arvo Liberty Village has a passion for making specialty coffee and is one of the best new coffee houses to hit the neighborhood in some time. This is the Arvo brand’s second location in Toronto with the first being in the Distillery District.

You’ll immediately notice the Australian-inspired coffee shop located at 31 Atlantic Avenue. Though it’s small in size, Arvo Liberty Village has a lot going for it. It’s one of the only places you’ll find an under-counter second-generation Modbar and it’s impressive pour-over station.

Arvo’s setup is unique and it’s arrangement facilitates interaction between customer and barista helping to spread some good community vibes.

As a multi-roaster Liberty Village café, you’ll get some great pour over served alongside a sweet and savory menu. Might we recommend the pour over as a starting drink! Though taking slightly longer than the convention drip coffee, the Arvo Liberty Village pour over is easily the best way to taste all the flavors of its signature coffee blend and single origin varieties.

For days when you want something on ice, any drink of the Arvo menu can be chilled and served with a shot of vanilla. That said, we suspect that this’ll be a top request the the summer months.


Some of Arvo’s seasonal flavors include those from Phil & Sebastian in Calgary, Transcend from Edmonton, Anchored from Dartmouth, Camellia-Sinensis Tea from Montreal, and raw honey soaked chai from Sydney, Australia.

Arvo’s acclaimed toast bar uses organic sourdough from Blackbird Baking Co., and is served daily between 8 AM and 4 PM. Choose from honey and butter, ricotta and jam, smashed avocado, Uncle Eddy’s trout, and French brioche.


Arvo is set to host regular events, including public coffee tastings every two weeks and live music every month.

There’s also full espresso bar service available on reserve. It’s customizable to events ranging from private functions to law firms, music industry parties, weddings, and more. Accommodating anywhere from 30 to 300 people, Arvo Liberty Village might be an option for companies and event planners seeking a comfortable café atmosphere in Toronto’s west end.


Switch things up with some new coffee flavors and more. Seasonal, single origin coffees from around the world are available at Arvo. Drop in, stay awhile, and keep yourself warm through some of Toronto’s coldest days while enjoying a hot cup.

Already so popular in the Distillery District, Arvo Liberty Village looks like it’s going to be a top pick in the neighbourhood. 

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