BBQing in Liberty Village

Home Hardware has all of your bbqing tools. Visit them in-store to make your grilling experience even better. Photo credit by Meg Marshall.

Amazing weather, summer time vibes, long weekends, and reconnecting with friends, all set the stage for some grilling. And yes it is possible to have a barbeque on a condo balcony in Liberty Village! Be sure to check with each specific condo’s policies. Generally speaking, propane is not allowed. Now, let’s get cooking!

The Grill

The amazing and knowledgeable staff at our neighborhood Liberty Village Home Hardware have a couple of great bbq solutions for small areas and all of the accessories to help make your grilling experience even better. Many balconies do not offer vast amounts of space so every inch is considered prime real estate. Their best selling model is the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Patio Bistro.

This Char-Broil electric bistro is perfect for any condo balcony. Photo credit by Meg Marshall

With its functional design and state of the art technology, it packs a lot of punch for its small size. Even temperature across the grill, and without any exposed flame, food will taste delicious and safety is still very much in tact.

Every bbq needs to have the right tools to help achieve that scrumptious meal. Home Hardware has all of your grilling accessories form smoker boxes to help intensify flavouring to cooking utensils like tongs, flippers and oven mitts. And if what you need isn’t in stock, they are more than happy to order it in for you.

A sure way to help add some extra kick to your meal is to use a smoker box. Wood chips are sold in different flavours, so the possibilities are endless. Photo credit by Meg Marshall.

Home Hardware has all of your bbqing tools. Visit them in-store to make your grilling experience even better. Photo credit by Meg Marshall.

The Food

Food brings people together. It always has and it always will. The great folks at Liberty Village’s own Bespoke Butchers have premium meats, cheeses and marinades to help achieve a mouth watering meal every time. With a roster of over 30 different cheeses available, they certainly have one of the largest selections in the city.

A perfect rib eye for the grill, available at Bespoke Butchers. Photo credit by Meg Marshall.

They proudly source their meat ethically, with a very selective group of farmers throughout Ontario and a little bit beyond too. The animals are not caged or forced into confinement, rather they live freely and with respect. Many people compliment that the quality in taste is substantially higher from ethically raised animals. Bespoke Butchers offers a wonderful selection of beef, pork, poultry and lamb for everyone to enjoy. And don’t forget to ask about their marinades!

The Drink

A bbq would not be complete without some beverages. Consider adding Georgian Bay Vodka to your next gathering. Bottling some of the key elements of the Georgian Bay region which include purity, balance, and relaxation, they have achieved this in their spirit. And not to mention, this is an award winning spirit after coming home with two gold awards from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition achieving the Best Vodka award and the Double Gold award.  With its headquarters right here in Liberty Village at 1179 King St W, it is truly a neighborhood asset and gem. Georgian Bay Vodka is available at our local LCBO on Hanna Avenue and throughout the city.

An internationally award winning spirit, found right here in Liberty Village. Photo credit by Goran Petkovski.

Happy grilling!

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