A Liberty Village Rider Cycling for a Cause

Here in Liberty Village, there are some people that are just full of so much heart, including one amazing individual named Rachel McKim. Not only is she smart, beautiful, friendly and a talented employee of Take 5 Productions here in Liberty Village, she is participating in the Friends For Life Bike Rally.

Friends for Life Bike Rally

This is a great event supporting Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA). This will be the 18th year that this ride will be taking place. In their impressive time, they have raised over $14 million!  Two different route lengths are available to match people’s desired ride times. A one day 108km ride from Toronto to Port Perry is one option and the other is a six day 600km ride from Toronto to Montreal. Both rides depart on July 24th.

McKim will be participating in the 600km ride, and this will be her second year taking part.

Inspiration for Riding

Rachel McKim and her bike that will be making the journey from Toronto to Montreal. Photo credit – Meg Marshall.

McKim’s first ride was in 2014 however has been an avid cyclist for many years. She truly believes in the cause and says, “…you get to see firsthand how the charity helps people living with AIDS and HIV.” Many people in the community and the GTA participate, and work towards a common goal of helping others living with the virus and AIDS. On a personal note for McKim, she also notes that she feels a major sense of pride and accomplishment for completing a major goal. Two of her best friends will be riding alongside with her, to make the journey even more memorable and meaningful.

A Love of Biking and Training Hard

Growing up in the GTA, biking just made sense for McKim to get around town, explore neighborhoods and it was a good way to spend time with friends. She cycles to work almost every day to her office at Take 5 Productions, and says, “…it also opens up the city to you, and suddenly everything feels connected, closer, and more accessible.”

To train for a 600km ride isn’t something that can be done quickly or overnight. Already having a strong cycling foundation, McKim is a member of the GoodLife Fitness gym here in Liberty Village. She has hired a personal trainer to help maintain strength and conditioning for speed and endurance for her long ride. Three times a week she has workouts and applauds her trainer for being able to adapt her sessions as needed while also keeping her happy and motivated.

The Right Ride

While also training hard, it is important to have the right type of bike for marathon riding. Photo credit – Meg Marshall.

Not just any bike will do for a 600km journey. McKim currently rides a 2013 Kona Jake cyclocross and has had it  for the last two years. She finds that it is perfect for both long and short rides. It is also important to note that proper safety gear is needed, and McKim certainly has that.

Liberty Street Cyclery is a great place in Liberty Village to help find the right ride, get a bike tune up, or to obtain the right safety equipment.

How to Support

Both of the short and long rides for the Friends for Life Bike Rally depart on Sunday, July 24th. Let’s help make this a record breaking year! To support McKim, a financial donation can be made here. Follow her on Twitter, and Instagram.

Good luck Rachel McKim! We know you will do amazing and Liberty Village is cheering you on!

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