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Are you looking to buy furniture in Liberty Village – fortunately, there are a number of stores to browse through. Depending on your personal style and interior design preferences, you may want to browse a couple of these stores, alongside the usual searches on Craigslist, Kijiji, and community classified ads. Needless to say, no one in Liberty Village has to go far to find high quality furniture for their condo setup.

EQ3 – 51 Hanna Avenue, #3

Minimalism and modernism are two dominating trends in Liberty Village furniture selection. EQ3 is a Canadian-made company offering a range of different furniture pieces. The price point is fair and affordable, and the two-floor showroom is filled with several IKEA-esque items. EQ3 is a favorite among residents searching for beds, couches, and shelving, with regular in-store sales that has kept the business thriving throughout the last few years. For anyone seeking simple ways to upgrade their living space, it never hurts to take a browse through EQ3’s inventory, most of which is pet-friendly and toddler-friendly as well. Considering the growing family presence in Liberty Village and the increase of pets in the community, EQ3 comes highly appealing.

West Elm – 109 Atlantic Avenue

What might be Liberty Village’s favourite furniture store, West Elm is a fun place to visit. There is the standard selection of furniture one would expect to find but West Elm also has a number of unique, modernized lamps, picture frames, kitchen accessories, and quirky figurines that are worth considering for a purchase. Any time you are looking for some quick bits and bobs to accentuate your condo, West Elm has an attractive inventory, and also has received rave reviews for its staff who are friendly and knowledgeable about the product. That said, throughout the past year or so, there are some who have criticized West Elm for its higher than average pricing, much of its inventory being India-made, disputes with blocking public parking in the surrounding area, and for its delivery charges. For those interested, it might be worth paying the store a visit to gauge whether this is an appropriate place to buy furniture for your Liberty Village condo.

Casalife – 171 East Liberty Street, #170

Casalife is another mid-to-high range Liberty Village furniture store that appeals to some but certainly not all. Though there are some unique looking pieces at Casalife, the past few years has also seen it receive some mixed, if not outright negative, reviews. If you are fortunate enough to grab a customer service representative who knows their stuff and/or to catch a sale, it might be worth a visit for some. Much like West Elm, Casalife has also seen its fair share of criticism when it comes to its high prices and some of its products being of a lesser quality. There has also been questionable customer service practices and accusations of poor management from unsatisfied customers, including those who have had negative experiences with delivery and/or installation, which continue to be services provided by Casalife.

Other Places to Buy Furniture near Liberty Village

Beyond these furniture stores which largely dominate the neighborhood, there are a number of alternatives either in or near Liberty Village to take advantage of.

Kitchen Stuff Plus (75 Hanna Avenue #1A) has a wide selection of home products at fair, affordable prices and with knowledgeable staff on hand to help.

Structube (1112 King Street West) has received high reviews for its uniquely designed, accommodating condo furniture, provided at affordable prices and is among the go-to stores for many Liberty Village residents in search of pieces such as sectionals, beds, and other items.

Sleep Country (1030 King Street West) is also worth a visit for anyone seeking specialty items when it comes to pillows, blankets, mattresses, box springs, or bed frames among the product selection available here.

The best place to buy furniture in Liberty Village is going to be the stores where you feel most comfortable putting your money. Remember to do your research when it comes to bigger items, such as mattresses and couches. Know the different styles, what appeals to you, and go in prepared, ready to ask questions and complete a purchase, should you decide to make that choice. Ask about warranties and get to know what the return policy is. Know your measurements of not only the space where you intend to put it but also every door frame it is going to have to fit through. These are all things to keep in mind when shopping in Liberty Village for furniture. As long as you go in with these elements in mind, there should be no reason to walk away disappointed. So have fun with the browsing experience and remember, there’s no pressure to buy right then and there – despite what a sales agent may say. Take your time and enjoy!

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